Washington is famous for its wide expanse of land reserved for vineyards. Woodinville is one of the places in Washington which you must visit if you have a passion for exquisite wine. It is a small city which is a 30-minute drive away from Seattle. Do a quick search for top things to do if you ever decide to visit this city. You will not be surprised to see that Woodinville wine tours are perhaps the most popular travel plan for visitors.



Woodinville is heaven for wine enthusiasts. Wine tours in Woodinville can be an enriching experience for visitors. The city boasts over a hundred wineries, distilleries, and wine tasting rooms. While the grapes themselves do not get a suitable climate inside the city and are grown elsewhere, the wine tours and wineries in Woodinville have gained quite a reputation amongst oenophiles. It also has plenty of restaurants offering a great fine dining experience. So you can take a break between wine tours and enjoy a good lunch. Most wineries also have gift shops where you can purchase beautifully packaged crates of wine for yourself or your friends and family.


It is always better to make reservations ahead of time when planning such a trip. You can always plan a trip on your own. You could also take some of your friends along. It would only take a quick search on the internet for you to discover the best wine tours and wineries in Woodinville. You can then pull up a map and visit the locations. But since wine tasting will leave you light-headed, you might want to make the trip with a designated driver.



A better option is to let a travel company plan your Woodinville wine tours. The company will lay out the travel plan down to the minutest detail. Some companies even offer to make lunch reservations for you. Thus, you can visit your favorite places without worrying about sticking to the plan. The travel agency will provide you with an itinerary. They will also save you the trouble of looking up, locating, and commuting to and from the best wineries and vineyards in the city.


Wine tours in Woodinville attract the most visitors as St. Nick’s Open House approaches. It is a special time of the year when an entire weekend is dedicated to wine tasting. Hundreds of people visit to enjoy some of the best wines the city has to offer. Many wineries participate in the event. Every year, the limited space is filled up very quickly. Therefore, the reservation and ticket-booking process begins quite early on.


At the top of the list of wine tours in Woodinville is the one hosted by Chateau Ste. Michelle. This is the city’s oldest winery and is very famous. The place has a high demand and slots are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Other renowned wineries include:


•    Patterson Cellars

•    Obelisco Estate

•    Adam’s Bench

•    Gorman Winery

•    JM Cellars

•    Pondera Winery

•    àMaurice Cellars


With so many options available, it is impossible to cover all the remarkable wine tours and wineries in Woodinville. But the experience, whether you plan a day-long trip or a longer vacation, is guaranteed to be worth the price you pay for it.


By: Stephanie Cara