Wine lovers, oenophiles, and tourists tend to overlook historic wineries, opting for the not-so-originals of this era. What they need is a taste of some original wine, straight from where it all began.


There are many wineries located in historic places, visited frequently by tourists, wine bloggers and enthusiasts, and photographers. Some of the most noteworthy wineries in historic locations are:  


Stone Hill Winery—Hermann, Missouri

Stone Hill was established in the late 19 hundred. Its wines are quite reputable with a wide, loyal clientele. Since their inception, they've won countless medals and awards, accumulating up to 3,700 since 1993. Stone Hill will also give you a tour of their place and their production and manufacturing houses along with their wine.


Harpersfield Vineyard—Geneva, Ohio

Hapersfield Vineyard is situated close to the Grand River Valley. This lovely wine house is family-owned, known to provide deliciously cooked meals, a wide variety of wines, and music—some nights. Their beef crostini and smoked trout are what you need to have with their wine.


Tabor Hill Winery and Restaurant—Buchanan, Michigan

This Lake Michigan winery is well-known for its world-class wines. Tabor Hill have a wide selection from dry whites and reds to exciting dessert wines; it has something for everybody. You also get a casual walking tour of Tabor Hill's winemaking facilities.


Beringer Vineyards—Napa Valley

Founded in 1868 by the Beringer brothers, Beringer Vineyards is one of the oldest constantly functioning winery in Napa Valley. Beringer, today, specializes in making Cabernet Sauvignon, and are widely known for it. You can sign up for their informative cave tour, which ends epically with a wine and food pairing in the historic Victorian mansion.


Ackerman Winery—Amana, Iowa

Ackerman is rich in its history; possibly the oldest winery in Iowa. They take pride in their immense collection of great, award-winning fruit wines. At Ackerman, visitors can enjoy a myriad of wines made from fruit like mango, dandelion, pomegranate, and more. If you have a sweet tooth and like sweet wines, head to Amana to enjoy their vast collection.


Oliver Winery and Vineyards—Bloomington, Indiana

A law professor at Indiana University founded Oliver Winery in the 1960’s. It is the Indiana's oldest and largest winery. Oliver sells hard cider in addition to wines. They have a tasting room in Bloomington, which is open weekends for tours. They are open all week, however, for wine tasting. Oliver makes locally produced, and less costly wines. Perfect for people with low budgets.


Wollersheim Winery—Sauk City, Wisconsin

Wollersheim Winery is heavenly for historians, tourists and travel enthusiasts, and oenophiles alike. Situated near Devil’s Lake State Park, enlisted by the national registry of historic places, Wollersheim is perfect for year-round tasting and enjoying wine after long, blissfully tiresome hikes or kayak trips in the State Park.


Inglenook—Napa Valley

Gustav Niebaum, Swedish sea captain, founded Inglenook. Inglenook has been the face of Napa Valley since its 1882’s first harvest. The winery has changed ownership very frequently over the years. Currently owned by film director Francis Ford Coppola, Inglenook has grown its clientele twice than before. Workers claim Coppola brought magic back to the historic property with a theatrical flair in the tasting room and has ever since been a talisman of luck for the winery’s progress. Make your way to Inglenook and you will not be disappointed. 


By: August Dorfman