While it would be nice to be able to take to the country and go on a wine tasting adventure, it’s not everyone who lives within reasonable driving distance of wine country. This doesn’t mean that you can’t sample great wines, though, as there is nothing stopping your from throwing a wine tasting party of your own. It’s not as difficult as you think it might be, and you can even ask your friends to help out with some of the cost of putting such an event together, which they will probably be more than happy to do if they are wine lovers. Let’s look at how you can quickly and easily put a wine tasting event together.



The first thing that you should do is come up with a theme for the party. This can be as simple as choosing a particular style of wine, or maybe a selection of wines from a region or country that you have always wanted to try, but haven’t yet. The decision is yours to make, but keep in mind what types of wines your guests generally enjoy, as this will ensure that everyone leaves happy.


Speaking of guests, it’s always a good idea to keep wine tasting parties to manageable levels, which means keeping the number of guests at 10 or fewer. The general rule of thumb here suggests that you are looking at going through about one bottle of wine per guest, so that means essentially choosing the same number of different wines as guests, although you can always get in more of you wish.



Besides, the wine, you are going to need some other supplies on hand. These include things such as glassware, water, spit buckets, and crackers, which will serve as a palate cleanse between tastes. Since people are going to be drinking, you will also want to have some food on hand, and we suggest choosing items that tend to complement well with wine. These include items such as cheese, bitter chocolate, an assortment of nuts, and acidic lemon.


When you are setting up your space for your guests, steer clear of using items that may interfere with the taste or aroma of the wine, with scented candles being a particular villain here. Think about the order in which the wines should be served, too. For example, you would not serve a dessert wine as the first one to taste, as this would do much better at the end of the event. You should also make sure that the wines are at their optimal temperature so that everyone gets to taste the wines at their very best.



The final bit of advice here is to just have some fun. Yes, you want there to be a certain level of formality to wine tasting, but it should also be viewed as a way to mingle with your friends and talk about the wines that you love, not necessarily just the ones that are being used for the tasting.