When you’re a wine connoisseur, going to local wine tastings is more than just a delightful treat—it’s practically a hobby! If you’re new to scene, though, finding out about wine tastings can be pretty challenging. It takes a bit more than just googling “wine tasting near me,” unless you live in California, Oregon, France, or Italy. Some wineries might have scheduled tastings listed on their websites, but even if you lucked out, the decorum for such an event might not be as easy to simply unveil. Wine tasting is a beautiful and romantic excursion, and it can be truly rewarding, even for a novice.


How To Find A Wine Tasting Near Me

The first thing you should consider is the possibility of making a reservation. Several small, family-owned wineries take reservations for individual wine tastings, which could be a truly unique and lovely experience. A lot of wineries will have their shops and prices available online, but they won’t list their upcoming wine tastings. You can call the location to check and see if there are any events upcoming. Another great option for finding a wine tasting in the nearby vicinity is to check out the wine-enthusiast forums that pervade the internet. You can even pose the question yourself, if you do not see it already. Then you’ll be on your way to a wonderful wine tasting.



What To Do At A Wine Tasting

It is important to note that quite a lot of wineries, depending on their size, having tasting fees. You should plan to spend anywhere from five to twenty dollars on this fee, but some places will allow you to waive the fee with a purchase. Tasting the wine is the fun part, and not just because you get to try some new and exciting flavors. A lot of wineries will encourage you to walk around the vineyards as you sample the wine. Generally, a taste of wine will be three ounces, but you do not have to drink it if you dislike it or if you are the designated driver. There will be a spit bucket located near you wherein you can dump the remainder of the wine after a sip. Employees will be located all around, imparting wonderful knowledge to the guests about specific wines. You can even inquire about the wines that they have in reserve, though they might be more expensive.


By: August Dorfman