Wine tasting is always a challenging experience for many hotel owners around the globe. There is a pleasant sense of satisfaction mingled with pride in pouring out and laying down the best wine for guests and customers in tall gleaming glasses on the table. Needless to say, there is also the constant pressure of increasing competition at the back of their minds which never really goes away.


With the wine industry expanding like they will own the world in a few decades, there are always new vineyards and wineries brewing up, tantalizingly waiting to be explored. Many are never enough for the wine seekers. There has to be more and the best has to be filtered out.


Amid all these craze and haste, the serene valleys of Napa stands beckoning like they have something incredible to share with you. If you reach there, sure enough the valley holds the best secluded wine tasting cellars, vineyards and wineries and visitors are very often bowled over by the laid back atmosphere inside.



Everything is relaxing, calm and natural about wine tasting in Napa. Located in the midst of the picturesque Oakville vineyards and the coastal mountains, you almost hear the birds chirping or the neighbor’s rooster crowing as you sit and sip a glass of wine in one of the wineries or cellars of Napa. The inmates there encourage you to bring a picnic basket. That is how down to earth they can get.


The wineries, vineyards and cellars are generous in offering their wines and they have a wide selection of Napa Valley and California wines for visitors to choose from including varietals from the Napa cellar. Each winery, vineyard and cellar is certified and promises to help visitors enjoy the best of the Napa valley winery tour every inch of their way.


You just cannot miss an invitation as tempting as this if you reside in and around Napa and own a hotel. Least to say, wine galleries are one of the main attractions in a hotel wherever people go. Whether it is some couple’s anniversary or someone’s birthday, an official gathering or a wedding party, wine bottles always pops open and people always opt for quality which Napa wineries already have for you.



One thing in common that the cellars and wineries of Napa share is quality. The wine may taste different in flavor as there is a wide range of options but they never lack quality. The unique experience you have with them is worth the visit and the best part is that they never overcharge you. Everyone who has paid a visit and experienced wine tasting in Napa has only good memories to share about them.


Every once in a while everyone should experience the best life has to offer and wine tasting in Napa should be at the top of the ‘To Do’ list. Don’t think twice, just pack you picnic basket and pay them a visit. It is not every day you get to mix pleasure with work.


By: Chris Hartland