Partying, fun and wine all go hand in hand! A good party is incomplete without a good wine. Everyone loves to party- attend them, host them and just completely soak in the revelry and excitement. Be it a special occasion or just another day; every day deserves to be lived up to the maximum. Hosting a party is not child’s play! It requires immense planning, organizing and a number of tasks for it to be a perfect party! As a party host you need to be sure everything is well managed and all your guests have a ball of a time.


A wine party is a popular concept, loved and adopted by many. It’s one of those parties that not just celebrates life but also appreciates the art of fine wine. Here, we are going to talk about ways to host an epic wine party.



How to host an epic wine party:


-       Theme It!


A good wine party becomes better with a good theme. The food, décor, mood and everything must be in coordination with the theme. Also, ensure you give your guests enough time to prepare and be ready for the theme.


-       The Right Wine in the Right Quantity


If it’s a wine party, it’s obvious you can’t run out of wine! Ensure you have adequate amount of wine for the number of people invited. A wine party is always better in a smaller and intimate group. Also, you need to choose the right kind of wine in accordance to the food, theme and also season.


-       Friend’s of Wine!


Wine is best when accompanied with it’s friends. Good and the right kind of food are the best company to your wine. Choose the right snacks and tid bits to go along with your wine, and main course too.


-       Wine Tales


You could play some games like wine tasting or guess the wine or anything as long as it revolves around wine and it’s appreciation. Well, any game is a good game but for the real feel keep it as close to wine as possible.


-       Table Rules


For a wine party you need to set the table accordingly. You need to have the perfect glasses for the wine you are serving to your guests. You need to place the win in reach for your guests. Pay extra attention to the way and manner you set your table in.


-       Serve like a Pro


If you aren’t a pro already, practice serving the wine in the correct manner. The way you serve the wine and how you serve it makes all the difference!



Throwing an epic wine party is all about paying attention to detail and selecting the perfect wines with the best food. You can’t enjoy the wine or the party unless everything is in sync! So, do a little research and groundwork before you plan and throw a wine party that your guests will remember for years to come! Wine is a world of flavor, art, and fun… bring it in!