It is easy to forget that winery goes far beyond just vineyards and wine cellars, but there is a wonderful and colorful history behind it. You could even go as far as saying an art. Whether you consider yourself to be a wine connoisseur or just drink it recreationally, there is no doubt about the fact that there is a wine culture. That culture is celebrated in museums in the most aesthetically beautiful way. Here we are going to look at five wine parks and museums that you most definitely want to visit. 


The Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum



This amazing wine museum has knowledge locked between its walls that has been passed down for four generations. Situated in a cave eight metres beneath the roads of Santorini, it fills the visitors mind with information about the wine making process, and the guest will have the ability to get an insight into what making wine would have been like back in the day.


The Bordeaux Wine and Trade Museum



This museum has been open to the public since 2008. Sitting in a building that was built in 1720, The Bordeaux Wine and Trade Museum showcases underground cellars and documents proving the Bordeaux wine trade that dates back to the middle ages. This is definitely one for the history books.


Cyprus Wine Museum



Cyprus was one of the first regions to produce wine, and the Cyprus Wine Museum takes advantage of that. The beautiful quaint cottage houses 5500 years worth of wine making history within its walls and it is close to Sotira where some of the oldest remains of grapeseeds were found.


The California Wine Museum



This is for those who like big scale museums. This museum opened last year in 2016 and covers 4000 square feet. This is a very modern museum in the sense that some of the exhibits that are shown are interactive, and enable the  viewer to immerse themselves in the displays. Their aim is to educate the visitor on California wine culture by using exhibits that play with the senses.


Lungarotti Wine Museum



Walking through the Lungarotti Wine Museum is like walking through time. They exhibit archaeological finds and artwork that show viticulture and vilification. This museum definitely has an unusual take on wine by portraying the origins of wine and how it came about. It boasts a story of magic and wonder and something very different to the traditional stories that you will see from nearly every other wine museum there is. This museum is definitely one for those of you who really appreciate art and want to discover the depths of the deep history of wine.


In conclusion, there are many wine museums to visit all around the world, from small quaint establishments, to large modern exhibitions.


By: August Dorfman