Wine is a drink that is good for all occasions, and it is even better when it is paired with food that serves as a perfect complement to the variety being served. This is something that all wine lovers are aware of, but what about pairing a wine with a season. There are definitely some wines that a light and suited to the spring months, while darker, heavier wines do well in the fall and winter. Summer is here now, though, and that means that it’s time to get a little creative with wine by coming up with serving ideas that are a little outside the box.



One of the, pardon the pun, coolest summer treats now available is wine ice cream. There are several manufacturers who deliver this tasty new treat if you just want to grab a tub and go, but you can also do an online search and find countless different recipes that you can try out at home. Making wine ice cream really isn’t that tough or tie consuming, and what you end up with is the ultimate dessert wine that does not need to be recorked after the fact.


If you are having trouble tracking down wine ice cream, or don’t have time to make your own, you can still create a delicious summer treat using your favorite brand of ice cream. All you need to do is put some ice cream in a glass, and then top it off with equal parts red wine and Coca-Cola. What you get is a delicious wine float that will help you beat the summer heat. Now that we have the ice cream covered, let’s move on to some other great wine-inspired summer concoctions.



One very simple way to cool off your wine, and add some flavor in the process, is to ensure that you have some frozen fruit in your freezer at all times. Throw some of that frozen fruit in your wine and you get something totally new and refreshing. The beauty here is that the possibilities are endless, as you can add different fruit combinations, not to mention a host of different wine varietals, to come up with new flavor sensations every time you have a drink. There is something about a wine and fruit combination that just screams summer.


Another way to get a fruit infused wine treat is to create smoothies, or another simple trick that you can do with your blender is to add wine and ice to come up with a delicious wine slushie. These are just a few of the things that you can do to turn your wine into the perfect summer beverage. If you are concerned about potentially wasting good wine when you experiment, why not invest in a couple of cheaper bottles so that you can get your creative cap on. Who knows, you may just come up with the best new summer wine drink in the process.


By: Chris Hartland