A haven and a favorite of almost every wine lover across the globe are the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, two regions in the area of Northern California that make up the so called Wine Country of the region. It is places like Napa valley of Napa County and Sonoma Valley, Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Bennett Valley, and Russian River Valley in Sonoma Countylie in the territory of what is popularly known as the Wine County of California.



It was the early 8000 BC that saw the first inhabitants of this area and they were the Native American tribes, who had taken to agriculture to sustain themselves, but cultivation of grapes was not on their agenda at all. It was the Europeans, after the period of the Mexican Colonization, who brought with them the art and passion of growing and harvesting of grapes and producing the finest wines and took agriculture in the Wine Country to a new level.


Today, with almost 400 wineries in the area, it is during the 19th century that people started taking to the production of grapes and manufacturing of premium wines considering the perfect weather conditions and ecological balance of this area. It is the Sonoma County from where most of the profit is derived, both in terms of grapes harvesting and also and value of the produce and the final processed product that is, their exclusive wines.



It is the exquisite architecture, intriguing geology and also the availability of exotic cuisines suiting each palate of tourists and sommeliers from all over the world that this Wine Country is much loved and visited by hundreds and thousands of wine, food and adventure lovers each year.


Back in 1975 there were hardly 25 wineries for tourists to visit, today with a large number of wineries and wine tasting sessions conducted, tourists throng the Wine Country also to indulge in a number of other activities like hot air ballooning, hiking cycling, visiting historic places and even come to try out some of the delectable culinary delights from across the globe. Well that’s not all folks! The Somana County coastline belong  along the mighty  Pacific Ocean, the serene Russian River valley, it is the redwoods, hot spring baths, petrified forests and other natural areas that are sure to excite and rejuvenate the senses, away from the bustling crowd and city lights.



At this Wine Country you could spend your time at famous wineries and rising newcomers off the country roads or visit lot many trendy in-town tastings room and sample some of the signature wines. Chefs in most of the restaurants are known to literally transform local ingredients into feasts and there are also a number of gourmet grocery stores that sell the perfect picnic fare.  You could also visit Yountville, Healdsburg, and St. Helena that still have the small-town charm and also have luxurious inns, hotels, and spas as well. Whatever you like and however you like it the natural setting is breathtaking and relaxing, whether you choose to experience it from a canoe on the Russian River or the deck of a winery overlooking endless rows of vines, there is always something for everyone.


This Californian premium wine producing region offers to each guest and inhabitant the simple pleasures of eating and drinking well, to your heart’s content, letting you celebrate each moment of being there.