Every place has its defining characteristic: something the business person would call “unique selling point. Oregon is defined by several beautiful physical features, including the seven wonders of Oregon. One of its alluring and fascinating features is the Willamette Valley. Although not one of the seven wonders, if you have any interest in exploring natural aesthetics while getting your taste bud wet with some fine grape and berry cuisine, then the Willamette Valley is your next spot to explore.



Stretching 150-miles in the Pacific Northwestern region of the United States is one of the World’s highest Pinot Noir producing region and America’s leading wine region. Traversed by several natural sceneries, the Valley offers a lot of tourist attractions and comfort for explorers. Acres of farms on which livestock and their produce sold in the local markets are raised, and fields for cultivating flowers are stretched on different sides. The valley lies on an old volcanic and sedimentary seabed, making it well drained for the cultivation of high and superior quality wine grapes.


The defining character of the Willamette Valley is its wineries and vineyards. Cultivated on a rich and complex soil, with a perfect blend of rainfall and sunshine, the long lasting spring in the valley help to keep the vineyards fresh and the harvest coming. The grapes, thanks to the soil and temperature become matured and have balanced flavors, and reach full variety character.



There are well over 500 wineries in the valley, the valley is divided into six distinct appellations, and each appellation has a unique soil type and microclimate. The specific soil types and micro-climates in the valley accounts for the taste you get from the wines in the valley. The same wines produced in the same year but in different appellation will give different tastes because of the different soil and micro-climate types and pairing system, so you can be certain to find that particular taste you want just in the valley. This is why Willamette Valley is an award winning wine producing region and have produced several awards winning wines. The Valley has contributed to estimated revenue of 207.5 million Dollars added to Oregon’s economy.



Most of the grapes cultivated in the valley are from the bench-land hillsides in the western side of the valley. Pinot Noir is the valley’s USP, and it is a grape with fineness and complexity, but strong enough to age for decades and perfectly express the intricate difference of its locality. It is usually bottled before harvest in late August and September. The wine once bottled is allowed at least six months in the bottle before they are released to the markets. In some parts of the valley the Pinot Noir is kept in the barrel for 12 months, or even more, this imparts more of the oak flavor.


There are varieties of Pinot Noir in the valley as there are varieties of grape wines in the valley. The different appellations produce a different variety of Pinot Noir. The Willamette Valley won the Wine Enthusiast Magazine 2016 Wine Region of the Year award. It is often said don’t settle for the know, go for the experience. In Willamette Valley the hardest thing to do would be finding a reason to leave the valley.