For the most part, if you look after your wines and ensure that they are properly stored, they are always going to taste good when you decide it’s time to crack the bottle open. The big question here is whether you can do anything to improve the flavor of your wines. Pouring the wine into a decanter and giving it time to breathe can certainly help, as can the type of glass that you choose. There are many people who believe that the glass does little to enhance the flavor of the wine, but that is not entirely true. Let’s look closer at the relationship between win and the glassware that it is served in.



The shape of the glass that you use maters, which is why you will see that glassware is oftentimes made for specific types of wine. For example, a Bordeaux class tends to be a little taller than most, and is used for wine styles such as Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, which are wines where the aroma plays a role in the overall enjoyment of the wine. For wines that are a little gentler, you will want a glass that comes with a bigger bowl.


A larger bowl is definitely the way to go with a red wine glass, as it makes it easier to swirl the wine without spilling, thus releasing all the complexities. In these glasses, the rim is usually also larger than on other types of glassware, as this allows for easier access to the air, allowing the wine to breathe. A wider opening is also essential to wine lovers looking to embrace the aroma of the wine in the glass. If you have ever seen a wine connoisseur sampling their wares, you may have noticed that they often use glasses that have a wide enough opening to allow the aroma to reach the nose at the same time the wine touches the taste buds.



When you look at a wine glass, you will see that it is broken down into 4 distinct parts: rim, bowl, stem, and base. As mentioned earlier, the bowl should be large enough to allow for the swirling of the contents without spillage. As far as the rim goes, look for one that is thinner on top, as this makes for an easier intake of the wine. There are stemless glasses available, but those are not really recommended, as the heat from your hand can affect the wine inside the bowl. A stem is there to allow you to hold the glass without affecting the wine in any way.


If you like to sample different types of wine, we suggest that you have a selection of different glasses on offer. As you are taking time to learn about the wines that you taste, you should also set some time aside to learn how different glassware can impact the overall enjoyment of your wines. Choosing the correct glass can be the key to unlocking all the aromas and flavors that the winemaker intended you to experience.