Though there are many wineries with vineyard dogs, it’s important to note that not all wineries permit pets like dogs on their property. So, if you are a dog owner who loves touring wineries and tasting wines, then there are certain things you need to know about bringing your dog to wineries. While some wineries are known to be dog-friendly, there are many places for wine making that do not allow guests to come in with their pets.



One major reason why most wineries do not allow guests to come visiting with dogs is that their pets may find it difficult to get along with people or other dogs. Some pets – especially dogs – are not social. They tend to be fierce when they come in contact with people or see other dogs. It’s mainly for this reason that most wineries would prefer to keep them out.


Hygiene is another important factor most wineries would consider particularly when it comes to letting dogs in. Most dogs are ill-cultured, as they have the tendency to poo and pee anywhere, even indoors. And since, such messes cannot be condoned in a wine making area, some wineries would rather prefer not to allow guests come in with their pets.



Some people don’t like dogs in the first place. As a matter of fact, not everyone is a dog lover. While some may seem to be scared at the presence of a dog, others may even feel irritated having a dog around them. So, in order to avoid unnecessary discomfort within and around the wine tasting area, some wineries would not want to allow visitors visit them with their dogs.


In some municipalities, dogs are prohibited from coming into areas where food is served. Basically, they have rules against such actions. And in a winery where the tasting area is open to the production area, such pets will definitely not be permitted around. So if you insist on taking your dog with you, do well to verify the rules guiding the region.



As a dog owner, it is needful to research ahead about the region you are visiting and know their stance about bringing dogs. There are many wineries that have made provisions for a beautiful dog run on their vineyard. Some even provide extra tasty treats for visiting pups. Nevertheless, it’s needful to understand that not all wineries love dogs. To this end, it is advisable to visit the winery’s website to learn about their policies or call ahead before making any visit.


In order to avoid any form of embracement, it’s good to always confirm at the gateway or door before heading in with your furry friend, as policies are bound to change. 


By: Chris Hartland