The finger lakes were formed 10,000 years ago by retreating glaciers. Endowed with spectacular waterfalls and gorges, it is a place visitors go to when they want to have a walk through geological time. It is a well-kept secret in New York despites how close and beautiful it is. Visitors are locating the place more and more every day and increasing the buzz about it as they visit the Wine County there.


If you want a wine-tasting experience that provides significant case productions, big tasting rooms, and big distribution brands, you will find a lot of that while following the wine trails. However, if you are in search of smaller hidden gems, or a place where you will find people who have been involved with wine from inception, places are waiting to be discovered.


You might want to get started with these wineries and probably add to the list as you enjoy the terrain and winemaking traditions in Finger Lakes. The wineries provide few cases of each wine. You can taste and smell the freshness from each and the attention to detail that was emphasized. They are wineries that you can explore when you want the best finger lake wine tours.


Hector Wine Company


The winery is known to have the warmest welcome, with a rich history. The family owns the land and have worked on it for seven generations with stories to tell even about the frozen lake in 1974. While in the vineyard, you get the view of the deepest part of the lake. Due to the depth, it retains enough heat not to freeze and in turn protect the vines during the New York harsh winter.


King’s Garden


It has a nice cozy tasting room. Although it can get very busy, there is always an opportunity to talk to the owner and winemaker Mike Oleksyn. Their red wines have a distinct and rich aroma profile, and their production is a little under 3000 cases. If you want to experience the crowd-pleasing vintage variation, you ought to try their 2009 and 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon.


Shalestone Vineyards


The people at Shalestone Vineyards believe in sticking to one thing and doing it well. The focus on red wine which is a bold move seeing that it is normally a terrain for white. Their tasting room provides a view of the Seneca Lake if you are sitting by the window. The winemaker focuses on consistency with his vintage wines, and the production is a little below 1500 cases.


Damiani Cellars


Located on the east side of Route 414 and perched on a hill, the tasting rooms has the best views of the Seneca Lake. They also have a 90 point rating for their red wine from the wine spectator, and it is the only winery in the region to have attained that. There is live music provided from Thursday to Saturday, with brandy in the tasting room to show that bocce is on Sunday.