Everyone loves wine and depending on what sort of dish you select to go with it, the wine can enhance the taste and make the meal all the more enjoyable. Dining isn’t the only time you can enjoy wine however, it’s great for celebrations such as the addition of a family member or even to celebrate a joyous occasional, even holidays. Some people enjoy wine recreationally which means going on relaxing wine tours where you can have light snacks, tour the winery and enjoy wines from local wineries.



Where do I go to find the best Oregon Wineries?


Oregon has a lot of great wineries to begin with and sorting out the great one’s can be a real chore. Thankfully, we’ve come up with that list to help you out.  Willamette Valley is one of the best places (or so we’ve been told!) to attend a winery. In fact, for visitors they have just installed a new tasting deck which gives a full 180-degree view of the winery that is responsible for making some of the best tasting Pinot Noir in the area.


It appears that out of all the cities that Oregon has to offer, Portland has become a fan favorite in terms of great places to sample wine and visit a vineyard. The wine growing industry is a big one and it’s only going to get larger with time. By preparing ahead and doing a little research you can plan a trip to a vineyard or winery and enjoy the day relaxing combined with a nice social gather and some light education on the process of how some of your favorite brands are made.


It’s highly recommended that you look into learning a little bit about your favorite wine makers. By getting to know them you’re getting a feel as to how they make their delicious wines, and what inspired them to opening a winery or vineyard and allowing visitors the pleasures of stopping by. Most wine makers love nothing more than for people to show appreciation for their hard work and interest in what they do. In a lot of ways, it’s a morality booster as well as confidence that at the end of a day of hard work, they’re appreciated for what they do beyond just providing great tasting wine.



So how do I plan a trip?


First you want to take in consideration all of the places there are in the area that gives tour and select one or just a few. You can narrow down choices by the size. The cooler months allow for smaller groups which means more time to talk to the wine makers, whereas warmer months are busier. It will also depend on what you hope to see when you choose to visit. Are you interested in learning, or maybe seeing the process? Or maybe the view of the grapes growing. Traveling with an ice chest if you plan to buy wine can be a great idea as well. Finally, maybe you want to dine out in a nice restaurant nearby or lodge in a hotel.


By:Stephanie Cara