A rather small but beautiful village of historical importance, located on the northern shore of the Skaneateles Lake, Skaneateles happens to be a very beautiful and a must visit place when one happens to be in the state of New York.


Here is a rundown of the best wine tours you can enjoy when you happen to be in the beautiful vicinity of Skaneateles:


-        Anyela’s Vineyards

When you talk about an absolutely beautiful vineyard with views to die for and wine to live for all over again, Anyela’s Vineyards is the one that comes to mind. Once you’ve been here, you will absolutely fall in love with the place and no other wine tour would seem to satisfy you the way Anyela’s Vineyards does. Here are beautiful and colossal tasting rooms with décor that leaves the visitors stunned. The staff is highly knowledgeable and very friendly.  So when you want to enjoy some great wine and a beautiful view of the lake while lazing around on patio space, Anyela’s Vineyards ought to be on the top of your Skaneateles wine tours list.



-        White Birch Vineyards

If you’re a fan of quality wine and classy whisky, the White Birch Vineyards happens to be the place for you. Cozy, yet classy ambiance and live music on Saturdays, the White Birch Vineyards is your go to place when you want to relax and enjoy champagne, whiskey and wine flights. The staff at the White Birch Vineyards is very knowledgeable and friendly which ensures by the time you leave the vineyards you’ll know all there is to know about quality wine, whiskey and even champagne.



-        Barnstormer Winery

Barnstormer Winery ought to be a must visit place on your list of the best wine tours in Skaneateles. Although the winery seems to be a rather small place from the outside, enter inside and you’ll certainly be amazed at where you’ve arrived. There’s world class wine and amazing staff too. The simple yet tastefully decorated winery seems very inviting. Of course the best thing about the Barnstormer winery happens to be its wine that is listed amongst the best produces of the region, which for a winery that is less than a decade old, is rather impressive.



-        Owera Vineyards

Would you like to taste wine and enjoy the atmosphere around? Would you rather indulge yourself in wine tasting with live music and beautiful views? If yes, Owera Vineyards should be on the top of your wine tours in Skaneateles. The place has amazing wine, great prices for tasting, great food, beautiful views and so much land that you could take a leisure walk with your loved one and come back hours later to enjoy some more of the delicious wine. The Owera Vineyards is perhaps the perfect spot for a date night or for times when you just want to relax, enjoy great views or taste some world class wine without having any care for the world and its matters.