Winery Tours

Of course, most people love wines. Wines and fine dining go hand in hand. A few are also highly interested in knowing more about wines. Wine tasting is truly one of the most special of culinary experiences. There is no better place to learn more about wines than a winery/vineyard.


By virtue of the locale, most wineries offer spectacular views that are eye soothing. There are many that offer good food and accommodation options also as part of their wine tours. So, if you are looking to get to know those wines, book yourself a trip to the nearest winery. There are many things you would learn at a winery. Here we try to list them down for you.



The Process

The most important information that you will be able to collect on a winery tour is about the process involved. We all know that wines are made from grapes. These grapes are carefully grown and hand-picked and collected. These are then crushed or pressed using machines into a semi-liquid form.


The crushing is followed by fermentation. It is fermentation that actually turns the grapes into wines. These are put into huge barrels or tanks for aging. Wines are said to taste better with aging. And few wineries have large rooms where they set out the wine barrels for aging. Once ready, the wines are then bottled and packed ready for sale. This is the general process at most wineries. Of course, you would have a guide who will explain each step for you.




Almost all wineries have tasting rooms where you can also taste the wines being produced. Most wineries have multiple varieties, so you can get to taste quite a bit of wines, if you are so inclined. Just take care not to over do it.


Of course, a winery tour is not complete if you don’t get to purchase a bottle of wine to show as proof. Most wineries also have an in-house shop where you can browse their special varieties with guidance and make a choice.


General Information

If you are really keen on having more information about wines, like what kind of weather is needed for grape growing, what is the right time to pick them, how much aging is usually done etc., you can put these questions to the guide. Every winery also has a head winemaker.


These winemakers are usually those who come with a vast amount of experience about grapes and wines. They are well equipped to answer your queries, just in case your guide is not up to the mark. These people are also very good at pairing wines. So, they can also guide you on which wine will go well what kind of food etc. Vineyard tours are a great way of gaining knowledge about wines. You get to peep into the complete process that goes into turning the grapes into that colorful bottled wine. The next time you pick up a glass of wine, it will surely taste better for you know what went in.