Is temperature really affects the taste of wine? Is optimal temperature same for each type of wine? These might be the questions that you think of but you do not need to worry as you will get here the answers of all these questions. It is often seen that people neglects the serving temperature of wine but it is necessary to serve wine at its ideal temperature to have a good taste and aroma. Different types of wines are served at different temperature. It differs due to variety in grapes and climate of locations where production of wines takes place.



Optimal serving temperature for white wine:


The optimum serving temperature for white wine ranges between 45 degree Fahrenheit and 55 degree Fahrenheit. If the white wines are served at warm temperature then it will become flat and lose its structure. The chilled white wines are zesty or crisp. It is also essential that you should not serve over-chilled white wine as it can change its flavor as well as aroma. The sweet white wines and cheaper white wines taste very good when it is little bit colder.


Some general wine serving tips:


  • If you ever get confused regarding serving temperature of wine then you can serve it at temperature slightly below the room temperature.


  • Never serve any wine above 20 degree Celsius.


  • You should pour wines in the middle of the wine glass.


Optimal storage temperature for white wines:


Storage temperature is important as serving temperature because it also affects the quality of wine. The temperature of fridge must be below 35 degree Fahrenheit to store white wine. You should keep it in the refrigerator immediately after buying it. If you want to drink wine on the same day of buying it then you can have it after placing wine in the freezer for about half an hour. Maintaining a temperature at a constant level is also vital because wines are greatly damaged due to fluctuations in temperature. The optimal temperature for storing white wine is around 12 degree Celsius.


 Ideal storage conditions:


  • You should store wine bottles in a cool cellar or dark room.


  • Storing wine in the room having proper ventilation is also necessary.


  • You must keep bottles away from direct sunlight.


  • Avoid storing bottles with anything that has a pungent smell as it can degrade the wine quality.


  • Humidity should not exceed 70 percent.


 What to do if wine is too cold?


If your wine gets over-chilled then here are some ways that you can follow to warm up:


  • Let it set out for some time
  • You can also decant it by using decanter.
  • Immersing the wine bottle in a lukewarm water bucket for a short time will also remove chillness.


What to do if wine is too warm?


  • Refrigerate it for 10-20 minutes.
  • You can also immerse the bottle in a bucket filled with cold water and ice cubes.