There are so many different wine subscription services out there it can be difficult to decide between them as they all offer you the chance to try different wines on a regular basis so that you can find your favorites. The selections usually come from different regions but rather than having to travel to find them they are delivered straight to your door.


Best Wine Subscriptions


To find out which is the best there are quite a few factors you have to look into so that you can get the best value for your money.


Best Wine Subscriptions - Bottle in Box


All wine subscription services contrary to belief are not the same. It takes a lot of looking into small print to not only find out about the return policies but also the challenges around shipping. You have to start off first of all by looking at those that have great relationships with retailers, they will be able to answer your questions about the wine and tell you which ones are best for your palate rather than just random wines being sent to you. What you want as well as the wines themselves is background such as the region and the winemakers as well as discounts on any future orders. You should also have the power to cancel the subscription should you find that it is no longer for you rather than being held into a contract for a period of time. bear in mind that very few will allow you to send back wine that is not to your liking, so before choosing you will want to check that the company you subscribe with allows this.


If you are currently part of a wine subscription service that doesn’t offer you at least a few of the things that a good wine subscription service should it’s time to look elsewhere. Our favourite is the Gold Medal subscription service. They boast versatility and ensure that their wines suit both expert and novice wine lovers.


Best Wine Subscriptions - Bottles of Wine


The Gold Medal wine subscription service has 23 years’ experience as well as great feedback from their customers. The founders of the company focus on being consistent providing their subscribers with high quality wines that cannot be easily found. This gives you the chance to find new tastes from smaller individual and family owned wineries and before any of the wines are included in the subscription they are first tested by their team of experts and only the best get through.


As for the options for membership there are 6 to choose from and you can even add to your subscription foods which will allow you to taste goods from the same region as the wine you are sent. Included in the subscription is extensive information on the winery, winemaker and of course the region. In addition to this you also get a whole host of interesting facts and it all comes wrapped up in clever packaging making it ideal for gifting too. Even the box lid has been artist commissioned!


The amount of members shows how popular the subscription service is. It is most popular in members as well as gifting. There is even the option to cancel anytime you wish and no sign up costs so you are not bound to a contract. The wine itself and great customer service is what keeps their service so popular.