The global winemaking scenery is in the middle of a bright, magnificent era. Ancient winemaking practices are presently going one-on-one with new, innovative ideas, and this has resulted in a wealth of multifaceted, age-worthy wines.


Red Wines Under $50


These red wines are undoubtedly the best under red wine $50;


Columbia Crest 2 Vines Cabernet Sauvignon

Red Wines Under $50 - Two Vines


 The Cabernet Sauvignon has soft tannins with a tasty dark cherry flavor. At less than $10 for each bottle, the wine is definitely worth the purchase. It constantly rates in the upper eighties to low nineties. The 2009 version was given 90 points.


Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel

Red Wines Under $50 - Seghesio Snoma Zinfandel


 This peppery California Zin originates from the state's top Zinfandel makers. Consistently tasty, the 2010 version received the 90-point rating from the Wine Spectator as well as 93 points from the Wine Enthusiast.


Black Box Merlot

Red Wines Under $50 - Black Box Merlot


This wine is widely recognized as a high-quality boxed wine offering. Black Box Merlot has plum and berry flavors along with very soft tannins. Despite being very affordable, the wine received ‘Top 100 Best Buy Award’ in 2008 from the Wine Enthusiast Magazine. It was ranked number 12 out of 100.


Vietti Barolo Castiglione Falletto

Red Wines Under $50 - Vietta Barolo Casiglione


With red fruits and flavors of chocolate, this Barolo has a firm backbone of tannins. It can be astoundingly expensive, so to get a high rated wine bottle for less than $50 is a rare gem. Robert Parker liked the 2007 version of this wine and gave it 93 points on behalf of the Wine Advocate. It is rare to see any rating below 90 points in any wine.


L'ecole Number 41 Merlot Seven Hills Vineyard

Red Wines Under $50 - L'ecole Number 41 Merlot


The Washington winemaker does an excellent job with all their wines. With various flavors of soft tannins and plum, the Seven Hills Merlot consistently received 90 plus point ratings. In 2008, Robert Parker rated the vintage 90 points.


Turley Zinfandel Duarte Vineyard

Red Wines Under $50 - Turley Zinfandel Duarte


The Turley is undoubtedly one of the most valued winemakers in all of California, and their wine does not disappoint. It’s smooth and spicy and has the flavor of different red fruits. The Wine Spectator loved its 2007 vintage, giving it a whopping 93 points. For the price, the wine is a real steal.


Shoofly Shiraz

Red Wines Under $50 - Shoofly Shiraz


This tasty and spicy, jammy Shiraz is always of high quality. It often has ratings in the top 80s as well as the low 90s. Wine Spectator had rated the 2010 vintage 90 points.


The Evodia Old Vines Grenache

Red Wines Under $50 - The Evodia Old Vines Grenache


 Juicy and smoky, this Spanish Grenache is quite popular for red wines under $50. The 2010 version got a whopping 90-point rating from the Wine Enthusiast.


La Carraia Sangiovese Umbria

Red Wines Under $50 - La Carraia Sangiovese


The wine is very rich and lush, with lots of flavors of dark cherries. It always gets the upper 80s or a lower 90s ratings in The Wine Advocate. It’s 2009 vintage was rated 90 points.