Wine connoisseurs are aware that removing the label of wine bottle is a valuable skill. Scraping the label of the wine bottle with razor or some pointy equipment can be messy and pain-staking too! But the charm of framing labels or applying personalized label and using wine bottle creatively for making glasses and chandelier makes you try and follow every possible method of removing the labels. In this post we will discuss about some of the customary yet contemporary ways to remove the label.



Method 1: If you want the label intact

Take a plastic container which should be wide enough (ensure there is not too much wiggle room also) to contain the bottle and long enough to cover little above the label. Put a little liquid soap gel into the container which will help in dissolving the glue of the label. Now put in the bottle in the container (you have to place the container somewhere that is flat and stable and can capture water spillage) and fill it up with water. Make sure you are not filling it to the brim; keep the water content enough to dip the label in soapy water. Remove any excess water.



Now you need to find another bottle with which you can cover this bottle completely from top. The motto is to help the wine bottle sit flush to the bottom without floating here and there. The object which you are putting should be steady and unbreakable so as to help the wine bottle in weighing down. Soaking time length of every bottle label is different and thus it might take some time. You can leave it as is and try peeling off the label after few hours. If you soak it for appropriate span of time then you would be able to remove it in one piece, dry it a little and make a part of your collage!


Method 2: If you don’t want the label intact

If you don’t want the label to come out in one piece then you don’t have wait for soapy water to soak it in! You can simply take a small bucket with water and add around ¼ cup of ammonia into it. Odour of ammonia is not friendly so ensure you are trying this in ventilated area of your home. Fill your wine bottle with water so that it doesn’t float and place it in the bucket for around 30 minutes. Ammonia dissolves the label because of chemical content present in it. Now remove the bottle after half an hour using gloves and just rub the surface gently. Label will come out easily; wash the bottle with cold water to remove the residue.



Conclusion: The labels are attached to wine bottles in two styles- using adhesive or using glue. The ones with adhesive can be pulled out if you just raise the corner of label and then run the hottest water to quickly and easily remove it and then pulling it off gently. Glued wine labels require placement of bottle in warm water in container which is deep enough for a good amount of time. So once you have identified the label type (Italian wines are generally glued) and the purpose you should be able to carry it out meticulously.