Sherry is an aged wine made from the Pedro Ximénez and Palomino grapes. It is produced in Sherry Triangle located in Andalucía region of southern Spain. The Sherry Triangle consists of three towns including Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Jerez, and Puerto de Santa María.



Each year the Sherry triangle has almost 300 days of sun and about 70 days of rainfall. During the summer, the wind carries sufficient moisture to the vineyards and the clay found in the soil allows the water to remain beneath the surface. The exceptional white soil reflects sunlight on the vines to help them develop and flourish.



Sherry uses a unique aging system to age- the solera system. This method ensures that the quality of the sherry remains the same year after year. The solera system involves blending liquids of varying ages so that each bottle of sherry contains both old and new wine.


Sherry comes in different styles, and they can be divided into dry wine and sweet wine.



Fino: This is a flor-aged sherry which gives a distinctly brackish and complex character to the wine.


Oloroso: This Sherry is aged without flor. Rather it is allowed to oxidize.


Manzanilla: This dry wine is quite similar to Fino, but it is produced in the sunny town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda.


Pedro Ximénez: This is the sweetest type of sherry, and it is made from grapes that are slightly dried in the sun before pressing.


Amontillado: This type of Sherry goes through two different stages of aging. It is initially aged under flor since it starts life as a manzanilla or fino. After the first stage, it continues the aging process oxidatively without flor.


Moscatel: This is also a sweet Sherry that is produced from the Moscatel grape. It is also known for its floral aroma.


Cream: This is a combination of Pedro Ximénez and oloroso.


Palo Cortado: Like the Amontillado, this style of sherry combines features of both biological and oxidative aging.



Three Amazing Benefits of Sherry


1. Protects the Heart


Research reveals that Sherry contains high levels of polyphenols which minimize the risk of coronary artery disease as well as control cholesterol level. Sherry protects the heart by preventing harmful cholesterol from building up on blood vessel walls.


Sherries like Fino, Oloroso, Amontillado, and Manzanilla, are believed to increase the body’s production of ‘good’ cholesterol.


2. Palate Cleanser


After each sip, Fino Sherry cleanses your palate bringing out the extra flavor in the food.


3. Sherry Is a Perfect Match for Food


When it comes to food pairing, no other wine thrive alongside food than Sherry. Sherry and food are a perfect match made in heaven. Sherry could be served with tapas, jamón ibérico, spicy meatballs and Spanish olives among others.