People who love champagne, often enjoy to keep up to date with the trends in the way it is made and how it is progressing. Champagne is unique to wine, and there is always something to more to know about it. When you know how it is made, you can often appreciate the flavors so much more. A lot of people are not sure why one bottle is more expensive than something else. However, when you look into the how this is made and the work that goes into it, you will begin to appreciate it that much more.



At the moment, champagne lovers who know more about the production of this fine drink, will know about grower Champagne. It is important to know more about the basics of champagne making before understanding more of this concept. Champagne is made in house, as opposed to cellars where wine is made. Farmers focus on their own particular style, and this all comes down to the grape that is used. Wines are different because of the way in which they grow from one next. The climate and the soil will affect the quality of the wine.


Champagne is more consistent. The grapes are stored when making champagne and this ensures that you get what you pay for. These grapes were often blended. However, there are now many farmers who won’t blend the grapes.



They grow their own grapes, and these farmers who produce the champagne in this way are referred to as grower champagne. It is more of a technical process, making sure that the soil is suitable. The climate will also come into play here. Grower champagne is more successful because they are in control in a smaller environment. They are established in a small to medium Champagne house.


Grower champagne is seen to be more of a natural process. People appreciate the fact that farmers go the extra mile, finding the best grapes and delivering these in more of an organic way. It becomes more of a unique experience. You can expect to pay more for this type of Champagne, which seems obvious because of the fact that it has taken so much more time to produce a bottle. However, more affordable options have been made available as well.


Most of these growers originally began in the Champagne region where they have had the most success. The whole family will usually get involved in the harvesting of the grapes. This type of champagne will have a name that you won’t recognize. Usually it is hyphenated. The champagne is usually named after the person – their surname, maiden name or their spouse. One can’t say that grower champagne is better than something that is more traditional. However, it is very good, unique and there is a lot of craftsmanship putting a bottle of this together.