Are you a wine lover?


This is a question that's answer is always going to be a yes or a no, never a maybe. Wine is very much an acquired taste and those at Alaska Airlines know that. They have created a program for those who are flying back from their personal wine adventures to be able to carry their wines back - completely packed but for free, plus a few more perks including having access to free wine tasting rooms just by showing your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Membership and in bound Boarding pass.


So the question your probably wondering now is, where can I fly to for this amazing opportunity to be valid?




When departing from Boise or Lewiston airports in Idaho as an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan member you are able to check in your first case of wine for free. Now, I know this already sounds good but imagine how much better it gets when you remember that your carrying some of the finest wines, from the finest grapes, grown in beautiful volcanic soil.




San Luis Obispo County (SLO CAL)


You will never be strapped for a winery to visit in SLO CAL and why is that? Its because there are over 250 wineries and vineyards to choose from. This California Central Coast region is bursting with places, and coastline to explore. And afterwards using your Mileage Plan member ship to take your first box of your favourite wines from this destination from San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport home for free.




This is where things get a little more fun. Remember before when I mentioned that extra perk you get as an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan member? Well this is where it is implemented. As long as you can prove your membership along with your inbound boarding pass, the region of Oregon is going to allow you FREE access to ANY of the 300 participating tasting rooms its connected to. That's right, as long as you have proof and the winery is part of the promotion, you can get in for free! and as always you get your first case for free at check in also.





Yet another place with hundreds of wineries for you to choose from, not to mention the scenery as you sip on your favorite wines of the day. As long as you have your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan membership to hand and the membership number your first case gets checked in for free.


Taste and Tote


The Taste and Tote part of the program enables you to - with your mileage plan check your first case of wine in for free (as usual) but it also gives you access to cheaper car rentals in the area. You can enjoy a Hertz Rent-a-car car rental at a discounted price for as long as you need it.



All this is available to you as a Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Member, as long as the cases of wine are suitably packed and protected to fly then you can be on your way. If you are not a member yet, it is easy enough to become one on the Alaska Airlines website.


By: August Dorfman