In an ideal world, the wine lovers of the world would all have a home that was equipped with a spacious cellar that naturally remained at the perfect temperature for storing wine. Since this sort of space doesn’t usually come with the average home, wine drinkers are forced to get a little more creative with their wine storage. The good news is that there are coolers to fit every space and budget out there on the market, and it’s usually quite easy to find one that is perfect for your needs. What if you had some really money to spend, though, what would you buy? Perhaps it would be one of the following luxury wine coolers.

Haier Wine Cooler – Haier are well known for making an extensive line-up of coolers to suit a wide variety of customers. At the low end of the price scale is their 8-bottle cooler that can sit comfortably on any countertop, and which will keep your wine at the perfect temperature. That can be yours for a couple of hundred dollars, but if you want more space for your wine, you can get a 49-bottle cooler from these guys for around $2,000.

EdgeStar Wine Cooler – Perhaps the most popular in their range, the 36-bottle win cooler from EdgeStar has it all. The French doors on front, both of which can be locked, add a touch of class, while the dual-temperature interior allows you to store different types at different temperatures. This one runs for about $1,000.


Wine Enthusiast Cooler – Space is a problem for a lot of wine lovers, and the 18-bottle version from Wine Enthusiast solves that problem. This cooler is tall and narrow, making it easy to fit into tighter spaces. It also has a cool touchscreen display that allows you to adjust the temperatures with a couple of taps, and all for just a few hundred dollars.



Danby 75-Bottle Wine Cooler – The smaller wine coolers tend to come with very little in the way of bottle capacity, but this one is a fabulous exception. The Danby 75-bottle cooler stands less than 6 feet tall, is only about 2 feet wide, making it ideal for homes with less space than most. This one comes with all the bells and whistles, and the addition of LED lighting across the top of the doors gives it an added touch of luxury, and all for around $1,000.



KingsBottle Wine Cooler – This is one that is truly for the serious wine collector, especially if you go with the top of the range model that holds a staggering 131 bottles of wine. This one is the priciest on our list at over $2,000, but it may also be the only wine cooler you will ever need. The KingsBottle cooler is as beautiful as it is spacious, and it does a marvelous job of showing off all the wines in your collection.