To feel the warm sun, graze your skin, a light breeze ruffle your hair, and a cool glass of delicious wine pour down your throat. Who does not love and want this? Especially when you have the man’s best friend padding in your steps, with its wiggling tail. Dogs can prove to be great drinking companions and fun buddies too. However, there are certain pros and cons to planning a day trip to your favorite winery with your pet pooch. There are some wineries that allow people to bring their pets along but some are steadfast in their rules.


But not to worry, this post aims to solve all the conundrums that you may face when taking your dog to a winery.



Let us start with the Do’s


The foremost thing to do is to ask the relevant authorities about their rules and regulations regarding the pet policies they have. Some wineries have their production areas near to the open tasting areas, where pets are not allowed due to hygienic reasons. Moreover, some wineries have posts for tying up pets while their owners take a stroll around the tasting areas or waiting in restaurants.


It is better to make sure that your pet is well-fed and clean. Nothing is more off-putting than a growling and cranky companion who wants food and a hearty scrub to clean its fur. Look for wineries close to your home and at a shorter distance, and pack extra treats for your four-legged companion to cater to the untimely hunger spells.



Make sure to pack your pet’s water bowl, stool spatula and bag, and extra toys too. Some dog-friendly wineries provide for the basic essentials such as food and water bowls, and certain areas for the expulsion of their waste. However, there are some wineries who do advertise about their perfect facilities but fail to live up to the expectations.


Here comes the Don’ts


Canine companions are more sensitive to the temperature changes around them especially when they have long hairs that cover 95% of their body. Do not take your pet dog to wineries that have very less shade areas for pets and limited facilities to keep them hydrated. The long sunny strolls around the winery yards can be exhausting and overwhelming for the dogs too.


Do not leave your dog un-attended. Despite the wineries being dog-friendly, it is better to keep an eye on your pet, ensure that they are safe and not being a nuisance to other guests and authorities. It is also important to ensure that the winery does not have pet poisons such as Tulips, Crocus, etc around to cause health complications for your dog.



Do not take your dog during their shedding or mating season. This is the most crucial and extremely responsible phase for your dog. It is the most un-hygienic, and disrespectful act to take a pet companion who leaves a trail of hair in its wake or avails any opportunity they can find to mate with the female dogs around.


These Do’s and Don’ts will serve as a quick guide for you in planning your perfect day with your canine companion.


By: Annie Wesley