With so many different varieties of red wine grapes, there are literally hundreds of different types of red wines to choose from. However for the average consumer, you will only come across the same general types of wines if you are staying within the same region.


However for those of us that like a little bit of variety lets look at some different choices to taste when it comes to red wine. With these choices we will help you become a better wine taster for the future.





Syrah is considered the body of wine. This is typically the dark type of wine that has multiple flavors infused. Chocolate, black currant, dates and maybe even a little tobacco will be thrown into these types of wines to give it a full fledged flavor. It is the perfect type of wine for dinner parties if you are having some cheese with before your meal or for some pork chops in between.


Pinot Noir


When trying to become accustomed to tasting different wine acidities Pinot Noir is the best choice in its realm. When you pour a glass of Pinot Noir you will find it to be the lightest red of all different types of wine. It can sometimes have the same type of acidity you would get when tasting a lemon, but that is what you are looking for with this wine. However no matter what type of Pinot Noir you get you will be in for a surprise.




With Zinfandel wines the grapes are picked and utilized when they are most ripe. That is why you will get that very sweet taste with Zinfandels. The ripeness of the fruit also partakes in the alcohol content of the wine. This makes Zinfandels one of the most alcoholic rich wines on the market. The higher alcohol content often makes the wine taste richer.


Cabernet Sauvignon


Well to start with this is one of the most popular wines in the world. It is a wine that gives you a dry taste in your mouth but rich in antioxidants. When new to the wine world it is important to know whether or not you like this type of effect from wine. This wine is famous for being served with dark meats and is often much preferred when alongside your meals. Those that often like Cabernet Sauvignon are also common fans of Merlots.


It is almost like entering a new hobby when truly understanding wine for the first time. There are so many vast selections to choose from and the differences are sometimes so subtle.


Try and research each of these foundation red wines on your own time. From this you will start to have a better basis on what are the actual differences between red wines.