Wines for years, have been noted as a drink of high class, sophistication, and dignity.  From all over the world, wines have existed since time evolved and continue to grow in sophistication and allure all the time.  It’s very interesting how different countries will have various types of wines that are essential and highly broadcasted for that specific country; as that makes the country itself have and hold its own class and superiority, kind of like having its very own trademark.  When a person travels, it’s such a divine luxury to search and discover all the qualities of what makes that specific country shine; something you will definitely be able to remember.  Today, we are going to be discussing the best wines from the country of Lebanon.




The Finest Classified Wines from Lebanon?

Perspective is based upon different opinions from various people, their individual experiences and so on, but we have a list of five amazing and noted as some of the optimum wines in Lebanon and below in listing format, we are going to be going over each of those five wines!


  • Ixsir Altitudes White 2016:  This wine has an outstanding reputation for being a very interesting and a fruity wine; with aromas of black cherry, iodine, as well saline will definitely open the elements of amazing black cherry, white chocolate, toffee, apple peel, as well orange zest!
  • Domaine des Tourelles, Marquis des Beys, Bekaa Valley 2005:  This type of wine is a high acerbic antique; as this wine has a little of that baked berries and tinned Italian tomato charm of somewhat under-ripe Cabernet; as having the Syrah addition riper of black fruit underneath. The palate is certainly quite smooth, with a large core of mellifluous black fruit and very agreeable, constricted, defining inorganic acidity and dehydrated tannic construction pushing through. Pleasant, tiny green herb and bay proceedings are dipped into the finish. Delicious and youthful this wine is!
  • Karam Winery, St John, Jezzine 2006:  This type of wine that has Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot. Tastes of plums, nectarines, and cherries with Earthy qualities. The still-prominent tannins and tartness promise more years of maturing, but it’s prodigious to drink now as well.
  • Château Ksara, Cuvée de Troisième Millénaire, Bekaa Valley 2008:  This type of wine has Earthy savors which control with hints of blackberries, as well black tea leaf tastes. Stimulating flavors that are locked now but has good possibility to open up and mature. Keep for numerous years before opening but can relish now with some whole-hearted red meat dishes/stews. Earthy, silky tannins with reasonable measurement.
  • Chateau Ka, Cadet de Ka, Bekaa Valley 2008:  This type of wine is 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Syrah, 10% Merlot. Pleasant nose of desiccated sages and potpourri, accompanied with a palate of cherries and extra Mediterranean herbs.

These types of wines are based only upon person viewpoint, but hold a very prestigious viewing and reputation to be among the top and most respected wines in Lebanon; as each wine soars with such a high class of unfathomable taste, aroma and superiority that one truly couldn’t deny that they are drinking amid the most premium wines in Lebanon.