Easter is often considered to be a traditional celebration. It can be considered to be bittersweet, depending on religious beliefs. There are people who will see this as a nice little vacation and may go off somewhere special just to unwind and relax. Then, there are people who like to get together with the entire family. A big dinner is cooked. Along with this are some of the best wines which are paired up with the food. This makes the big difference.


The wine you use for the occasion will depend on what food you are serving. You may need a couple of different wines when you decide to serve different courses. However, most families just like to tuck into a big plate of food. This brings them back to memories of comfort food which they may have been used to. However, you are going to give this a touch of class.



If you want to serve appetizers or starters, it can be best to have these while guests are still sitting down in the living. This will be a nice ice breaker for when folks have not seen each other for a while. It can sometimes be a little awkward. A light snack served with champagne or a light wine can reduce some of the tension. Snacks can include bruschetta with salmon or brie and cranberry.


Once everyone has had a little nibble, they will probably be a little more peckish. It can probably be time to eat a larger snack at the dinner table. All the parings should be well thought up, but you don’t want to overwhelm your guests with a multitude of flavors.



A lot of people will have ham or lamb. This goes well with roast vegetables cooked in a good red wine. This is often paired up with a Chardonnay. A Riesling works well with the ham. A lot of people enjoy drinking this, and others will also opt for the Zinfandel. A Northern Rhone Red is something that can be paired up with the lamb.


Of course, you can’t forget about the dessert. Something simple will go down very well once you have eaten a good plate of food like this. However, a lot of people like to stick to their traditions as well, and may prefer to finish off with an apple pie.


The Long Vineyards Riesling does a good job at bringing out the sweetness of the apples here. This is always something that you can experiment with as there is no text book to stick to. However, you should remember that less is more. You don’t want to be confused by the multitude of flavors that you begin to taste as you dig into your Easter dinner.