While finding the right bottle of wine for your wine-loving friends or family may be outside your knowledge, you can provide them with a wonderful accessory that they will enjoy. Wine accessories are quite popular and the good news is that many of them are inexpensive.  


Here are five of the best wine accessory gifts you can give to the wine-lovers in your circle. They are all crafted from high-quality materials and designed to last for a long time.


Coravin Wine Extractor


Certainly, one of the hottest accessories in recent years, this wine extractor or opener operates on the simple principle of pulling wine from the bottle without popping the cork. Just push the needle into the cork until you reach the wine and the argon gas which pressurizes the bottle will push the wine through, letting you pull a glass worth out while keeping the cork in place. It’s rather expensive, but certainly well worth it for the wine lover who wants a glass without popping the cork so the wine stays fresh.


Engraved Wine Barrel Accessory Kit


This wonderful gift comes in the shape of a wine barrel and holds a corkscrew, stopper, foil cutter, and pour spout all in one convenient place. The tools are stainless steel, so they will last a long time and the barrel itself is crafted from fiberboard and is personalized. This is an inexpensive and perfect gift for the wine lover to have all the right tools in one place. 


Guzzle Buddy


Why pour your wine into a glass when you can put the glass into the wine bottle? The original Guzzle Buddy is a wine glass that fits atop all wine bottles so you can enjoy sipping your favorite vintage while never having to pour a glass. This is a novelty gift that has become quite popular in recent years and works with other types of beverages as well.


Silo Bottle


This decanter features a double wall for extra insulation so that the wine stays properly chilled so it can be served at the right temperature. This means that you do not have to drink the wine quickly when placed in the Silo bottle, but instead can remain confident that it will stay at the proper temperature for some time.


Ullo Wine Purifier & Aerator


Just pour the wine into your glass and secure the Ullo Purifier and Aerator on top. It purifies the wine to remove all unwanted sulfites and particles. It allows wine to breathe so that you can enjoy the flavor. This is a simple device that works beautifully for those who want the best taste from their wine. The Ullo itself is marvelously crafted and replacement filters are inexpensive.


Of all the many wine accessory gifts, these are the five that really stand out for their quality, utility, and in some cases, novelty. If you want to make the wine lover in your group of family or friends happy, choosing one of these is a great place to start.