It is said that the same kind of wine tastes different to different people. This is actually true as taste of wine is an acquired taste rather than a designed one. However, wine is not a cheap commodity and gets more expensive the more it has been aged on the shelves in an exotic country. Although, it doesn’t mean that you cannot afford a good wine at an affordable price. We give you the top ten affordable wines to choose from:


10 Best Affordable Red Wines

Aia Vecchia (2014 @ $12)

Plump, round, and mineral flavored with an added flavor fruits like melon and pears. It gives out a pleasing experience and can be enjoyed at any time of the week or day.

The Wine Atlas Frappato (2014 @ $10)

The Frappato is a delicious Italian grape wine that gives out a non-heavy, fresh and especially refreshing in a warm summer. It has 12.5% alcohol content and gives light tastes of berry fruits and caramel.


10 Best Affordable Red Wines

Arnaldo Caprai (2013 @ $20)

The Caprai has a spotless sense along with a fruity experience of pears. It also gives the sweet taste of minerals and olive oil. It goes well with sea food and prawns especially.

Columbia Crest (2014 @ $15)

It is a springtime delight as it gives the feel of real fruits sparkling in it. It has a clean taste which you can enjoy with live bar-be-q in your back yard.


10 Best Affordable Red Wines

Santa Cristina (2014 @ $12)

Like other, this also has a fruity flavor with hints of apple and grapefruit. It is a routine day wine with a good taste at an affordable price.

Dourthe (2013 @ $13)

This is a white wine, with herb, citrus and mineral taste induced in it. This can be enjoyed alone without any food or complementary items. 

Enrique Mendoza (2012 @ $12)

This includes a strong taste and smell of herbal and spices. This flavor is complemented by the fruity flavor. The Spanish wine gives you an upstream summertime experience.

10 Best Affordable Red Wines

La Follette (2013 @ $20)

The Californian wine has a soft feel but a straight forward style. It shouts the flavors of fruits like berries and cherries.

Hanna (2014 @ $19)

This is a summer time delight. Grown in Cali, the white wine has a fruity flavor and a good length on the finish.

Masseria Li Veli (2013 @ $13)

It is surprising well balanced wine considering the price at which it comes at. The quality vs. price is something not many affordable wines offer. This wine goes well with red-sauce Italian cuisine. This is one wine to be had if you want to impress your friends without spending a fortune.