Wine is a delicious beverage that only seems to age with time and develop an even finer taste the older it gets. There are numerous reasons people drink wine and even more places where you can go to enjoy a great glass of wine or sample some of the best vintage wine that the area has to offer. For those who might find themselves in the Napa Valley area you may be pleased to know there are many areas’ such as hotels that have been built next to wine tasting vineyards. This means that no matter if you live in the area or may live outside the area, you can come stay in one of the many beautiful hotels and enjoy a vintage wine tasting experience.


There is a lot of information that pertains to the vintage of wine or what makes a particular wine vintage. Various factors include things such as the type of grapes that were grown and used to make the particular brand of wine, where it came from, how old the wine is and who the distributor of that wine is as well. These all go hand in hand as important information on determining the quality of the wine, especially as certain countries have vintage wine that may contain higher traces of alcohol then what you would find more locally, and this is especially true for that of vintage wine made in Europe.


In finding a good vintage of wine there are a few other determining factors to how the taste will be affected and the main one is that of the weather. This isn’t just determined by the weather during the time in which the grapes are harvested, but rather is determined by the entire year. While rain is great for growing crops, too much of it can cause grapes to rot and mold which will not produce a good yield. Likewise, for areas that are hit with hail or cold, again this could produce foul tasting wine. Perhaps that’s one reason residents or those who visit Napa Valley are so lucky, because the weather is typically warm and great for producing different selections of wine.


Not only are climates great for tourists to partake in sightseeing tours, but you can find some of the greatest vintages of wine that Napa Valley has to offer. Tour guides can give you information on some of the local vintages that are available in Napa Valley, how they were made and a little about the farms in which they were grown on, and even those who are responsible for the grapes being grown. There is just so much information for tourists and locals to get from a vintage wine tour or wine tasting tour that can help educate you on the entire process from start to finish on how wine starts from grapes in the vineyard and wind up as something more delicious and tasty that so many get to enjoy on a more regular basis.


Matthew Levine