The bible defines wine as a symbol of love and good faith towards the neighbor. And who doesn’t love drinking wine in a good company with some great food. Nothing can define the summer season more than the exciting aroma of the steak sizzling on the grill along with some great wine. The basic rule of steak and wine, suggest the lighter the steak the lighter should be the red wine combination. No other food can beat the synergy of a great piece of steak. It is said the quality of steaks, its cut, age and accompanying sauces determine the wine which will taste better with the combination.

The Cabernet Sauvignon is considered as the best choice when it comes to wine and steak pairing. Since this wine is strong and the beef steaks are also marinated with strong flavors of pepper, smoke and sauces, the choice becomes appealing. The king among the red wine is the Cabernet Sauvignon and its intense taste is derived from the red skin of the grape. The tannins accompanied by high alcohol content, aids in cutting through the fat steak, making the drink taste smoother and less sour.


The more fatty steaks can be well combined with California Zinfandel, since they are moderate, the sauces like dried chile sauce go well with the wine. Although the wine is less strong than Cabernet Sauvignon it has a unique grape spiciness and richness which, when tried along barbecued meats tastes divine.



The next set of wine tried along with Steak is the Bordeaux. The wine is a European blend and is more acidic that taste better with rich buttery sauce in the steak. The savory flavors of Bordeaux also combine distinctly with some herb laden condiment present in the steak. The cost effective version of the wine is available in the name of Graves and Haut Medoc.


The consumption of the Malbec is the main attraction in Argentina, as it is known to go extremely well with any kind of steak. It is considered as a great alternative to the Cabernet wine and is taken as a best friend of beef steak. The red wine is a versatile and extremely food-friendly that won’t dig a hole in the pocket.



There are also a number of other wines which can be taken along with steak the Merlot, Chianti, Pinot Noir, Syrah, are a few among them which give softer red wines, that can be tried with steaks. The chilled sparkling and Rose wine is also a good combination to go along with steaks and other grilled items.


Other than the wine, the sauces in the steak are a major deal breaker which can finally guarantee which wine will go best with the steak. For example a green sauce of mint or garlic, rosemary will gel well with fruity bold wines like Malbec. A tomato based sauce will taste best with medium bodied red wine like Bardolino. Similarly, white sauces like yoghurt and peppercorn sauce taste best with Cabernet.