If you believe that Napa Valley is the sole location for delicious glasses of American wine, you will be surprised to discover that Arizona has over 80 licensed wineries. A majority of the wineries are located in Wilcox, Verde Valley, and Sonoita. Others are scattered all through Arizona in the Phoenix metro district and other locations. Here are the top wineries for wine tasting in Arizona:


Burning Tree Cellars, Cottonwood


This winery received an outstanding nomination in 2013 from the Wine Spectator for one of its wines and is a top spot for wine tasting. Several of their wines have earned such rankings from lifestyle magazines and other competitions. Their tasting room is available daily starting at noon, and live music is also made available on the weekend.


Callaghan Vineyards, Elgin


These folks have been in the winery business for over two decades and have won several awards for their fine wine. They are available on weekends for tours and wine tasting.


Carlson Creek Vineyards, Wilcox


Sometime in 2013, both the Chenin Blanc and the Sauvignon Blanc from this winery were awarded top distinctions from the famous AZ Wine Lifestyle. Last year they received a nomination for Best Arizona Winery, and it was given to them by Ranking Arizona. Situated along Wilcox wine trail, the tasting room is open from Thursdays through Sundays for guests.


Coronado Vineyard, Wilcox


This winery has various awards for their wine, and one includes the 2012 Riesling. Guests can the vineyard and tasting room on Mondays through Saturdays and Sundays as well.


Javelina Leap Vineyard and Winery, Cornville


In 2014, three of the vineyard’s wines won prestigious awards, including the renowned People’s Choice Award for their Zinfandel. They're open for guests daily and on weekends. Plus, if you visit the winery between August and October, you’ll experience the wine-making procedure.


Page Springs Cellars, Cornville


Situated in a small town near Cottonwood, this winery’s 2010 Syrah was awarded about 90 out of 100 points in 2013 from the Wine Spectator. The tasting room is open for guests daily. They also offer tours of their facilities and vineyards at special times during the weekend.


Passion Cellars, Jerome


In 2015, the wine competition hosted by the Arizona Republic listed the Passion Cellars Pinot Grigio of 2013 as the winner in that category. Guests can try out this wine and their other wines as they visit their Jerome location. They’re open daily for guests. Or if you’re searching for a quieter, and more intimate experience, visit their Wilcox location, but it requires reservations for guests.


Sonoita Vineyards, Elgin


Another wine staple, Sonoita Vineyard has been in existence since 1983, and it makes it the first in the state. Since then, they’ve produced highly acclaimed wines. Guests can visit the winery daily.