7 Amazing California Wineries


Napa Valley in California is known for its wine and while California does not have diversity of climate or grape variety, it has produced some of the best wine not only in USA but in the world. Picking from so many amazing wine is not an easy task but if we had to make the ultimate California winery list, these are wines that would make the cut. They are in no particular and we suggest you try all of them!



Saxum James Berry Red – 2007

This wine has earned 100 points from Robert Parker and achieved Wine of the Year from the Wine Spectator. This has made this into a somewhat expensive but this Syrah/Grenache blend is so delicious, the price is worth it. You will also be able to find some affordable vintages of this. You can keep it in the cellar to mature it but you will find it hard to keep your hands off of it!


Corison, Kronos Vineyard, Napa Valley 2012

Made from the grape variety of Cabernet Sauvignon, this one gained 95 points in 2012. It is infused with the flavors of black fruit, potpourri, black olive and Asian spice. Its effusive aromas, complexity of taste and delightful acidity leave a strong, lasting taste in your mouth.


Marcassin Chardonnay Marcassin Vineyard 

This is a classic Chardonnay with a track record dating back to the mid-1990s. The husband wife team of John Wetlaufer and Helen Turley made these enchanting wines which are rare and hard to find. If you happen to get your hands on one, you can drink it young. But it will require three to five years so it can start reaching its peak and a decade will give you the possible result.



Fountain Grove Chardonnay Reserve Carneros

One of the best wines of 2015, this wine of impeccable quality has a rich textured taste of butterscotch, pears, oak and cream. It doesn’t have a harsh taste unlike many other rich wines but has a smooth round and balanced taste.


Oak Ridge Zinfandel Lodi Av

This delicious California Zin is the perfect wine to drink with fried beef and steaming hot barbecue. It has concentrated flavors of smoke with tannins and cola which gives a hearty taste.


Joseph Phelps Insignia

This is a wine that been one of the top Napa Cabernet wines for more than forty years now. It is made from a Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and has an exquisite taste which has garnered it the appreciation of many wine lovers. These wines have a delicious taste on release and tastes delightful after aging for a few decades. So if you have the 1990s versionof Joseph Phelps Insignia, it will probably taste beautiful right now. You can afford it here but if you bought this wine in Bordeaux it would cost twice as much!


Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 

Robert Mandavi has been instrumental to the wine industry, especially in the Napa Valley. His skills have changed the wine industry for the better. His Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve is proof of his fame in the wine industry. It is a Bordeaux styled wine with an exquisite and complex flavors. Like the high quality wines we have discussed above, this wine also drink well young. But for the oak to really infuse into the wine, it needs time. Keep it in a good cellar for a few decades and enjoy this gorgeous piece by Robert Mondavi.