Every day, there are those who discover a new wine during a tasting session and wind up purchasing several bottles. Of course, the complication is how to deliver the wine back to your home safe and sound. Shipping wine bottles offers some complications, but there are ways that you can transport the wine yourself or have it delivered with the utmost care.


Depending on your situation, you may have to carry the wine in your vehicle, on an airliner, or have the wine shipped to your home.




The issue with transporting them in your vehicle is not so much the bumps that occur along the road, but rather the temperature which must not get too hot or it will ruin the wine. You’ll want to keep them out of the sunlight and wrap them in cloth or even your clothing in the suitcase so they can stay protected. You may want to purchase an insulated cooler large enough to carry wine bottles and store them appropriately.




Wine bottles are not allowed in your carry-on luggage, but you can bring it in your checked luggage. Since the luggage will be separated from you for most of the trip, you’ll need to protect the bottles in something more secure than your clothing. You can use a product called wine skins which many wineries and winery gift shops sell. They are basically bubble-wrapped bags that fit over your wine bottle and they can be sealed so that if a crack occurs, the wine will not leak out onto your clothes.


If you do not have any wine skins, then you can use waterproof bags that are wrapped in bubble-wrap or clothing to ensure that they stay intact. Either way, it will take a considerable impact for the wine bottles to be harmed. Of course, you can purchase specialized shipping boxes that can hold up to 12 wine bottles at a time. They use molded Styrofoam inserts and will form around each bottle for maximum protection. The only downside is their expense, but they are certainly worth it if the wine you have purchased is expensive.




Perhaps the easiest and best way to transport your wine is having it shipped by the winery itself. Or, you can combine all the wine bottles collected from different wineries and ship them together from a recognized shipping business. There are substantial advantages to this method of shipping which includes the following:


-        Proper shipping container

-        Insured shipping service

-        You don’t carry the wine with you


In Sonoma County, home of Napa Valley, there are several shipping businesses that specialize in wine bottle delivery and can make all the arrangements for you. Many wineries will be able to ship to your address if you purchase a case of wine.


Whatever method you choose, shipping wine can be done with the proper preparations. You will need to plan before going on a wine tour so that you can ship what you purchase back to your home safely and securely.