Tours of Wineries and Vineyards are perfect for someone who is passionate about wine tasting, and who is interested about the whole process which takes place. You may be interested in a certain region. Some people travel to France, California or South Africa to learn about this. There are special tour packages arranged where you can travel to a certain area and tour the winery or vineyard at the same time. However, there is a distinct difference between a winery and vineyard. Many people are unaware of this and are disappointed upon arrival expecting to find more than they have seen.


It can be confusing when you visit a place that advertises wine tastings. However, they don’t actually produce the wines on the site. This is something that you will be expecting to come across. The first thing to find out is whether you are going to a winery or a vineyard.



A winery will be more of a building. This produces the wine, but not all of these wineries will offer tastings. You will have to find out more about this. They will also need a license for the building in order to produce the wine. Permits are necessary for a winery to take in a certain amount of people on these type of tours on a yearly basis. This will include events such as weddings and other functions.


On the other hand, there are superb wineries in many parts of the world which are appreciated by both wine lovers as well as those who have some interest. A vineyard is an area where the grapes are simply grown. It is not necessary to have a winery on the premises. An owner of a vineyard will often sell the grapes at the right time to a winery. A tour here will differ in the way you are guided through the vineyard. You will have a chance to walk through the vineyards at times. You will learn more about the type of grapes and how they are harvested.



There are many interesting factors to take into consideration. An owner will also use a winery for their own grapes, which means that they own the wine that they produce. This is something that people are taught on a tour of a vineyard.


A cellar can be found on a winery. However, often there is a big warehouse where this is kept. It is educational learning a about the way in which wine is stored. The tour you want to take will depend on what you are interested in and what you want to learn about. You may find that you want to go to a particular region or a vineyard which is well known. This is something else to keep in mind.