Part of the fun of wine tasting is being able to go to different places and take in all the wineries in a specific region. Wine tasting is big business, and several tour groups offer services that allow you to sample as many wines as you want without having to worry about choosing a designated driver. In Michigan, there are wineries spread all over the state, with many of the tours choosing to operate in either the north or south part of the state. There are some who do both, and there are a stunning variety of ways to get around. You can take a limousine, a party bus with a few friends, or a more conventional tour on a luxury coach. These wine tours tend to follow specific trails, which are as follows:




Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail – Located in the southwestern part of the state, this trail is home to about a dozen wineries and tasting rooms. This is one of the easier tours to manage, as all the wineries are in close proximity to one another, and are connected by main roads.




Old Mission Peninsula – There are 9 wineries situated alongside highway 39 that runs straight up the peninsula. It’s only 19 miles long, but the scenery here is amazing, and you may even be tempted to book a hotel in this region after your tour is over.




Thumbs Up Wine Trail – Named for the part of Michigan that looks like a thumb, this is a 270-mile round trip that you are in for if your goal is to traverse the whole region. Every tour group is different in the wineries they visit, simply because the area is so large. There are 12 wineries in total, and you may want to set aside a couple of days to hit them all.




Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail – There are 24 wineries crammed into this region, which means that the tours offered here may be for specific parts, such as the Sleeping Bay Loop, the Northern Loop, and the Grand Traverse Bay Loop. This is one wine trail where you should do a little advance scouting to see which particular wineries you want to hit, as you may not be able to reach them all on a single tour.




Pioneer Wine Trail – Located in the southeast part of the state, the Pioneer Wine Trail is home to 8 different wineries. This may be a relatively small region in the grand scheme of things, but it is also one of the most popular. The scenery here is fantastic, and there are countless cozy bed and breakfast spots where you can hunker down for the night.



As you can see, there are a lot of different options available in Michigan wine country, and there is a tour package to suit every taste. Some are short, half-day jaunts, while others take in as many wineries as possible on a single trip. It’s easy to put together wine tour package that suits you and the group that you are traveling with.