From the hills and valleys of Sonoma to mountains of Napa, there are quite some truly exceptional wines to taste. However, it’s sad to note that most of these bottles of great value do not come cheap even at tasting. But cheer up as you would soon learn about some generous wineries in Napa and Sonoma that inspire their guests with complementary wine tastings. As a matter of fact, these are wineries are always open to the public and yet do not charge their guests to taste.


Touring and visiting wineries is good but there is nothing better than tasting beautiful wines and at the same time, save money on tasting fees. The money saved on tasting fees can be spent on your favorite wines at the end of the day. Apart from their excellent wines, it’s just in the friendly nature of these wineries to offer tastings without charge. To this end, a small list of wineries that offer complimentary tastings around the world has been outlined in this post for your own consideration.


Alexander Valley Vineyards


Located in Alexander Valley, Sonoma, this winery is a great place to visit for a complementary wine tasting. In fact, coming to the area and not dropping in at Alexander Valley Vineyards would be regarded as an incomplete visit. Their amazing Zinfandels are known by their quirky names such as “Redemption,” “Temptation,” and “Sin Zin.” Obviously, it’s easy to observe that the winery takes a playful approach to serious wine. Here, you will learn and taste the different flavors of wines aged in French oak and wines aged in American oak barrels. All these are done on a complimentary note.


Heitz Cellar


As one of the early proponents of the use of French Oaks, Heitz is historically known to be the first winery to export its wine. It is one of the pioneering wineries in Napa Valley. They are also the first winery to introduce vineyard-designated wine in the region. In Napa Valley, Heitz Cellar is renowned for growing organic grape and for making Grignolino, Port-style Zinfandel dessert, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. Interestingly, they offer complementary wine tastings at their tasting room located on St. Helena Highway.


Frick Winery


Frick Winery is basically a charming little locale that is highly favored by those in the know and locals. In its little cottage tasting room, you will find the by-products of the winery’s own Dry Creek Valley grapes. Note that tasting here is free. However, you will need to plan your itinerary accordingly as the winery’s tasting room is only accessible on weekends.


Homage Vineyard


For a spectacular experience visit Homage Vineyard in Calistoga. Surrounded by vineyards and mountains, guests often gather at the cozy patio table in the Hawksworth’s home to have a pleasant wine tasting experience. If you are lucky enough, you can taste one of their library wines with the current release. as a matter of fact, anyone can participate in this tasting experience. 


By: August Dorfman