In the past there have been many movies that are quite famous and solely related to wine. These movies are of different genres such as fiction films, non-fiction films and documentaries. The following are some of the best wine related movies.


Blood into Wine


Released in 2010, blood into wine is a movie about the life of a famous rock music figure. It is the story about the life of Maynard James Keenan, a multi-platinum recording artist who has wine making in his family for a long time.  He sets out to bring notariety to Arizona’s rapidly increasing wine regions.


Bottle Shock


The movie, bottle shock was released in 2008 and it is about a British wine critic who wants to use cheap wine from California and put it against the best wine found in France for a blind tasting. He finds a place in Napa Valley that makes one of the best chardonnays and sets out on a journey to bring the wine to France.




Somm is a movie released in 2013, about four wine stewards who are preparing themselves to take the master sommelier exam. In 40 years only 220 people have been able to pass this test world-wide, which is seen as a great achievement for wine knowledge.




A story about Miles a writing and wine enthusiast, who takes his engaged friend Jack on a bachelors trip before he gets married to a wine country where they can bond one last time. While Miles wants to enjoy the wine, Jack wants a last fling before his wedding. This movie was released in 2004 and filmed in Santa Barbara County.


French Kiss


French kiss is a comparatively older movie, that was released in 1995 and is about a woman Kate who finds out that her fiancé Charlie has fallen for another woman, she flies out to France. On her flight to France, she sits next to a small crook that uses her to steal a necklace. With time the two grow feelings for each other and as her fiancé tries to win her back, she begins to realize where her heart truly lies.




A movie released in 2004, Mondovino is a documentary that shows the capitalist side of wine. The documentary shows how Michelle Rolland’s wine making becomes the template of success all around the world. The movie portrays the how countries that produce wine have certain conflicts among them. Small scale vineyards are in contrast to larger scale vineyards.


Wine for the Confused


Wine for the confused was release in 2004 and is a documentary in which John Cleese gives an introduction of wine for learners. John Cleese talks about the basics of wine types and the different varieties of grapes, the techniques of wine making, how wine tasting is done and the different terminologies regarding it, He also talks about how wine should be bought and stored. All of these conversations take place through interviews with wine sellers and buyers.


By: Blake Smith