Napa Valley is a world's favorite in terms of destination. People from every part of the globe travel to the richly cultured Napa Valley in California. One has to wonder why though. Other than its breathtaking beauty in terms of sceneries, Napa Valley is known for its unique rich red wine. The favorable climate and terroir experienced in the region contribute to the production of one of the best tasting wines that a vineyard could possibly offer. From the production of the mouth watering Cabernet Sauvignon to the beautifully blended Merlot, you cannot run out of options to choose from. And that is not all, there are over 400 wineries and vineyards in Napa.

If you are planning a trip to the famous vineyards in Napa, you are definitely spoilt for choice. But where should you go? Let us take a look at some of the vineyards in Napa to help you narrow down your Napa Valley Trip and Getaway.


V. Sattui Winery

V. Sattui Winery has topped in every list of the best wineries and vineyards in Napa ever released. Their incredible performance in terms of quality wine production and exquisite wine production can be attributed to their services.


V. Sattui falls under the category of St. Helena Wineries and was recognized as the Winery of the year at the Winemaker's Challenge in the year 2015. And since then, it continues to impress the millions of guests that flock the said winery. Moreover, they recently upgraded their service by introducing a Concierge Service. On top of that service, they have and offer remarkable Picnic tables, a Cheese Shop and an excellent Deli Service.


You will be able to enjoy your Wine coupled with some Cheese while taking in their beautifully colored Oak trees that overlook their vineyards.


Beaulieu Vineyard

While making your way around the vineyards in Napa, you definitely want to make a stop at one of Napa's oldest and finest; Beaulieu Vineyard. With over 11 decades experience in the Winemaking business, Beaulieu Vineyard has set the standard of Wine perfection. While sampling the best of Cabernet Wine that Napa Valley has to offer, you get to witness the historic winery building and much more.


Castello di Amorosa Vineyard

Castello di Amorosa will have you wondering whether you took the wrong flight to Italy. With a winery built to emulate every aspect an Italian castle would, you will have an experience out of this world. Owing to their Italian castle-like feel and impression, they specialize in Italian styled wines that are hand- pressed.


Castello di Amorosa will ensure that you miss out on nothing, as they offer the best of Italian wine varieties including Sangiovese famous Cabernet Sauvignon. Make a trip to this dreamlike winery, and have the experience of a lifetime.


Schramsberg Vineyard

Are you a newly wedded couple? Well, make a booking at the infamous Schramsberg Vineyard in Castiloga, Napa. It is known for its production of its superb sparkling wine among the many wineries and vineyards in Napa. Owing to decades of experience in the production of four of the best sparkling wines, they have been known to draw in a large number of crowds. Their perfection in wine production is coupled with tours through beautifully crafted cave tours that are perfect for a romantic setting.


In conclusion, there are numerous wineries and vineyards in Napa. You are simply spoiled for choice. The above-mentioned vineyards and wineries are just a few of the best that Napa Valley has to offer. Plan to visit as many vineyards and wineries as you wish. Plus, do not forget to carry your camera with you! The experience of a lifetime is just a booking away.


By: Blake Smith