People go to wineries for a variety of different reasons. For most, it is the ability to sample a variety of different wines that is appealing, while others go for a little bit of rest and relaxation. For those in the latter group, a winery that sits in a stunning location is often at the top of the list. Oregon is a state of natural beauty, and since it is also a region that is home to great wines, it serves as the perfect place to go for those who like to sample wines in a spectacular setting. Listed below are some of the most scenic wineries that Oregon has to offer.



Sokol BlosserNot only is this winery in a beautiful part of the state, it also has some real history behind it. The tasting room has been in operation since 1977, making it one of the oldest in Oregon. This location is a little different in that the winery is in a valley, so rather than having scenic hillside views, you instead get to look up at the surrounding vineyards. It’s cool to be soaking in the sight of the grapes that may well create the next vintage. The tasting room also has a large window that seems to serve as a frame for Mt. Hood in the background.



Domaine SereneSet atop a hillside, this winery, which looks like a European chateau, offers stunning views of wine country in every direction. It has a beautiful outdoor patio, as well as lovely landscaped gardens that provide a very serene setting. This is a fabulous spot to take a picnic and just chill for an hour or two.


ArdiriIt’s obvious by the location and layout of this winery that the owners want their guests to stay a while. The winery is set up in a rather unique horseshoe shape, with the opening looking all the way out to Mt. Hood. Beautiful in the daytime, but also welcoming in the evening, thanks in large part to gas fore pits that are there to keep visitors warm on those cold Oregon nights.



Penner-AshLocated in Yamhill County, this winery offers stunning views in all directions. It offers great views of the Ribbon Ridge wine region, not to mention views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson. There is plenty of space inside if you are looking to warm up, but most visitors will likely want to spend most of their time out on the patio.



Bethel HeightsA little further afield than the other wineries on this list, but it’s a trip that is definitely worth taking. The winery sits at an elevation of 620 feet, which makes it quite obvious that you are in for some amazing scenery in the surrounding area. A large wooden deck is located just outside the tasting room, and the owners are quite happy to let people sit for a while and take in the beauty that is the surrounding area.