Celebrations and festivals are beautiful occasions that bring together families and friends. They are days that add special meaning to life and a great way to spend quality time with our loved ones. No occasion is complete without the right elements woven together to make it a complete special moment. One of the important elements is wine and food. Thanksgiving is round the corner and everyone is busy planning get together for yet another remarkable and memorable thanksgiving. Let’s move over from the delectable Turkey and look beyond to the wine and other pairings.



Here are some wine tips and pairings that you can use and be the perfect thanksgiving host this year!


Red Wines:


Red wines are popular, be it Thanksgiving or any other day of celebration! For Thansgiving the most recommended Red Wine is undoubtedly the Pinot Noir. They are light bodied and soft on the palate and will enhance the flavors of traditional Thanksgiving meals. The berry fruit flavor of the California Pinot Noir’s is perfect when paired with poultry or Steak meals!


It’s best to avoid the Cabernet and the Merlot as the full body flavor may take away the joy of the food!


White Wines:


If White Wine is your pick, then opt for full bodied ones. The Full bodied white wines will enhance the flavor of traditional Thanksgiving meals. A great pair for your Turkey and other traditional dishes is the California Chardonnay. It has a rich toasty oak flavor that completely pairs well with almost all foods. If Toasty Oak or Chardonnay in general is not your personal taste, go for lighter, fruity and citrusy white wines this Thanksgiving.


Since the flavors of traditional Thanksgiving meals are rich and highly pronounced, a light bodied and aromatic white wine with fruits and flowers notes can also be the absolute perfect wine choice!


Pro Recommendation: Gewurztraminer (practice pronouncing that right!) is a highly aromatic and warm spice wine that could be the highlight of the party!


That’s our recommendation for this Thanksgiving. Even if you have favorites, it’s always wonderful to try something new and bring in new flavors. It’s the time to drink together, eat together and look back upon all the wonderful memories and blessings you have in life. Start prepping and planning for a wonderful Thanksgiving that brings in joy and happiness.


Wishing you the perfect wine pairing!