Texas might not be the first name that comes to your mind when we talk about wines, but what we can guarantee you is that is has some unexplored wonders waiting for you to try! Texas has some of the United States’ award winning wineries with beautiful landscapes that will take your breath away. They also have a unique way of making wine in Texas, so for all you vineyard enthusiasts, this comes as a great deal for you to learn, enjoy and relax.


Let’s highlight a few wineries to make it easier for you to locate and choose:


Fall Creek Vineyards, Tow

This is something for all the antique lovers. This place is a perfect blend of modern equipment with antique furniture. It is located near the northwest shore, further adding to the perfect setting with warm days and cool nights to enjoy a drink with your loved ones.


Though fall creek vineyards are also opening new branches like the recent one near Austin, promising the same quality and ambience to its customers.


Duchman Family Winery, Driftwood


This is a well-known winery in Texas known for its beautifully decorated Tuscan style winery. They focus on Italian wines for which they have also received an award, where you can sample different blends while enjoying the romantic garden view outside. It has been chosen by HGTV for being the most picturesque wine across the country. Also, this is the only winery that uses 100% Texas grown grapes.  


4.0 Cellars, Fredericksburg


Not only does it have a unique name but it also provides you with a unique experience! It is the only winery made in collaboration with 3 others Texas wineries, namely; brennan vineyards at Comanche, lost oak winery in Burleson and McPherson cellars in the Texas panhandle. They also showcase their wine making procedures and give you an opportunity to taste each one of them. This is a must for people who like experimenting and trying out bold flavors.


Pedernales Cellars, Stonewall


Talking about wine generations, this is the place you have to visit! It has up to 6 generation wines while focusing more on Spanish style wines. They also have another goal which they proudly showcase and that is environmental sustainability, thus all their procedures and methods aim towards that only. All their grapes and fruits are local.


Becker Vineyards, Stonewall


This is one of the oldest wineries in Texas Hill Country. It is located at a very ideal place with beautiful lavender fields at one side. Becker is the third largest winery in town and has also had the honor of serving the white house.


William Chris Vineyards, Hye


The owners, chris brundrett and William Blackmon refer to themselves as winegrowers and not just makers which shows how much time and interest they invest in making the perfect product for their customers. It is the perfect place for people who love old structures, live music with the perfect hospitable ambiance.


Above was a list of a few most popular wineries at Texas, however, Texas has a lot to offer. So make sure to have Texas on your travel list to experience the unique wine culture.