While many wineries go out of their way to offer a wide variety of different wines to their customers, there are others who take a bit of a different approach. Those wineries tend to be of the belief that if you do something really well, why not tick with doing that one thing all the time. This methodology applies to Silver Oak Cellars in California, as they make Cabernet Sauvignon to die for, and nothing else but that. This is not to suggest that they only make one particular style of that wine, as they have a rather impressive range to choose from.



Silver Oak Cellars was the brainchild of Ray Duncan and Justin Meyer, with the winery starting business back in 1972. Silver Oak wines are now produced at a pair of different wineries. The first in in Oakville, which is in the heart of wine country in Napa Valley, while the other is in Geyserville, which can be found in Alexander Valley. It was the Oakville location that was the first to open, with the winery sitting on the grounds of what used to be a dairy farm. The founders realized that wine was going to be a bigger draw than milk in that part of the country, and the rest, as they say, is history.



Wine lovers are well aware of the relationship that wine has with food, which is something that is not lost on this winery. Silver Oak wines are specifically made to be paired with food, which is why a winery chef is part of the set-up at this establishment. Silver Oak are consistently trying to push the envelope when they make wines, as the goal is to create a line-up of Cabernet Sauvignon’s that are perfect for any dinner setting. They frequently put together food and wine nights that are open to guests, and which really should be added to your wine country to do list.



Both the Napa and Alexander Valley wineries are open for tours, and while you may be expecting something a little more rustic at the Oakville location, the opposite is in fact true. Fire destroyed a large portion of the winery a little over a decade ago, and while it was certainly a disastrous event, the owners used the fire as an opportunity to rebuild and create a winery that is considered to be truly state of the art.


We really do suggest that you pay a visit to both the Oakville and Geyserville locations if you get the opportunity. While both follow the Silver Oak Cellars approach to making wine, each is a unique experience in their own right. If you are a wine lover who is always trying to come up with food pairing to go along with your favorite wine, then this is the place for you. Silver Oak wines are all about the relationship with food, and a quick visit to their website will take you inside how those pairings are created.


By: Blake Smith