Should wine be served chilled or at room temperature? Well you are about to find out. The way wine is served has a impact on how the aroma is and the general taste of the wine when consumed, so temperature of wine’s is quite important. There is also the claim that when wine is served at different temperatures, they taste completely different to what they should taste and basically override the whole flavour, which is why serving wine at just the right temperature is important, especially if you are in a business where you serve wine.



Of course, people have their own preferences and may prefer to actually have their win served chilled, as it is refreshing in summer and just nice to drink, however the temperature is important when it comes to taste and particularly serving red wines, that if too warm, remove the whole taste all together.


If you serve red wine too warm, the flavour of the alcohol contents will override the actually taste of the red wine, this in turn makes the wine taste a bit dull and flat, ruining the whole taste. On the other hand, if you serve wine too cold the aromas and flavours can be overpowering and taste a bit too bitter or sweet, which can actually not be so tasteful. If you spend a lot of money of high quality wine, but end up getting the temperate wrong, by either it being too cold or too warm – it is a waste of the wine. That is why getting the temperature right, it really crucial for you, your friends and family to truly enjoy and appreciate.


What is the Best Temperature?

You may be asking, if not too cold or too warm, then what? Well the saying goes that wine is best served at room temperature however to different people, room temperature can be taken in various ways. If you have wine in your cabin during winter time, the room temperature is not exactly room temperature. Such as if serving wine at from a cabin when it is boiling hot outside, the room temperature is not always what is right for the wine.


The right temperature is also dependent on what type of wine you have, for example red wines have high tannin contents, therefore should be served warm. Medium bodied wines that have lower tannin contents, should be served slightly cooler.



The colder wine is, the more flavour there will be as the tannins are more exposed due to the coldness. The flavour of all different wines will be more tasteful and enjoyable. Wines that have lower tannin content, can be served chilled but not too cold, as this will not produce too much flavour as there are less tannin. Also the lower temperature will not expose too much of the flavour of alcohol, which can be unpleasant for some. You will be able to enjoy your wine as well as distributing the others for them to appreciate.