Red Wine can be enjoyed during anytime of the day. A sparkling red Lambrusco offers great refreshment during a sunny day spent at the beach, or doing a picnic. Crisp and acidic Syrah’s can be paired with a fish dinner, and great full bodied Ports are great with any desert. However, there are grapes that seem to outshine the others.


Most Popular Red Wine Types


Most Popular Red Wine Types - Old Bottle



The Merlot grape produces very popular wine everywhere, and like red wine in general, Merlots can be had during anytime of the day. The Merlot grape is the most prevalent grape grown in the Bordeaux region. This grape’s resilience has made it grown frequent throughout Italy and Northern California as well. The blue tint in Merlot is often associated with blueberries, and the taste follows into the wine’s notes. As many Merlots are bit sweeter and light bodied, they make great to pair with light meals, such as fish or chicken.



This delicious grape is often confused when talking about where it originated from. It is abundantly grown and produced in Argentina, however this grape, like many, originally hails from France. This wine has been described as spicy, with hints of plum and fig. It is very popular in Mendoza, Argentina, and has been known well to pair with steak. The acidity allows for a great wine to pair with heavier meals.


Cabernet Sauvignon

This full-bodied wine has a deep raspberry color, and is grown prominently in every region. The varietal is usually aged in oak barrels to tone down the tannins. People typically pair this wine with beef dishes, as it is popularly approached to be enjoyed with hefty meals, pungent cheeses, and dark chocolate desserts; as the cherry notes in the varietal present an elegant balance.


Most Popular Red Wine Types - Pino Noir

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir’s appearance as grapes looks like the pine cone of a black pine. The French named this varietal after its apparent visual characteristic, as its name originated from the translation which meant “black pine.” Pinots are very prominent up and down the California and Oregon coast, as this grape loves sun exposure and cool breezes. This wine is paired well with any protein, meaning all meats, and goes very well with various cheeses.


Shiraz or Syrah

This dark-skinned grape is grown prominently in California, Sicily, Australia, and France’s Rhone Valley. The grape is typically blended with Grenache. Although the grape’s name varies from Syrah to Shiraz (known as Syrah in all regions except for Australia, where it is call Shiraz), it is still the same grape nonetheless. Syrah displays notes of vanilla, pepper, blackberry, and its spicy finish is often described as velvety. This wine is great to serve out BBQ gatherings!



Zinfandel, usually called Zin, is grown mostly in Italy and California, as the grape healthily thrives in these regions. Zin typically presents traces of cherry and cinnamon to the nose, and has cherry notes as well as vanilla, blueberry, and beef jerky. This wine pairs well with almost any dish, ranging from pizza tp burgers. Zin goes with them all.



By: August Dorfman