There are not many politicians who won’t say no to a good glass of wine. Certain people in politics are known for a specific drink. Wines that are served at functions are usually of the best quality. These days, wine is often paired up with a meal or a dessert. There are folks who enjoy a glass of wine on their own before they go to bed. It makes sense since the average person in this position will have a lot to cope with, and this is satisfying.


One could almost say that a glass of wine goes hand in hand with a politician who comes into contact with other big leaders in order to break the ice. A good merlot or pinot noir may be enjoyed with dinner at one of the functions that they attend. Of course, there are also famous politicians who will enjoy a Bloody Mary, a fine whiskey or a gin and tonic. However, a good wine with other leaders as well as with close friends and families is not something that they will refuse.



George Bush will always enjoy a glass of wine, and some may question the amount of boozing that goes on behind closed doors. However, the drinking of wine is not something that can be avoided when you are dealing with foreign with leaders. Various other cultures will be telling you more about the wine they produce in their own country.


This is a way to connect with them and to build more of a personal relationship. Countries like Australia, France and South Africa are known to produce some of the better wines around the world. It is a chance for the leaders to talk about the wines from their countries and to compare notes.



Presidents are known to favor a certain type of wine as well. In 2012 Obama, supplied vintage wines which are obviously not cheap. During one of the events, the wines were paired up in a menu, consisting of ribs and a salad which was combined with a semi-dry Riesling. George Bush isn’t cheap about what hits the palette. Cabernet Sauvignon is his choice from the Napa Valley. This goes for a mere 600 dollars a bottle. Ronal Regan couldn’t stay away from French wine which everyone knows is not a cheap wine either.



Usually, people can only afford to sample this at a wine tasting. However, Regan would be able to finish a bottle of French wine during an event. One may ask Donald Trump to settle for a glass of wine, and perhaps he would be able to settle down and get more than 4 hours of sleep a night. This is the only president who refuses to stay away from alcohol for personal reasons.


By: Annie Wesley