Plan Your Perfect Wine Country Wedding


Are you planning your wedding this year? Are you still looking for that perfect place where your marriage should be held? If that is the case, then think about a vineyard wedding. Vineyards are most probably the most romantic, magical venues to hold your wedding. 

And because of their earthy atmosphere, rustic, and vintage charm, vineyard weddings are becoming more and more well-known. If you think and believe that having a vineyard wedding is perfect for you, keep in mind that there are things that you need to plan ahead.  

For a little help, here’s a simple guide on how you should plan your perfect vineyard country wedding. Read on!

The Wine

It is no surprise that when a winery or a vineyard hosts a wedding, it usually wants only the best wine served. Thus, if you plan to host a vineyard wedding, ensure that you just choose the best wine offerings such as Screaming Eagle.  

When you are looking for a vineyard, be sure to consider their wine as well. Do not opt for a so-so wine. It is not a good idea to have people or guests come from other places, expecting the best country wine, and then not love the wine. 

Other than that, just because you are having a winery wedding, does not mean that you can only have wine as an alcoholic beverage option. There are plenty of wineries that allow beer or hard liquor. And that is another thing that could, for the most part, surprise people. 


To go with or complement with the countryside atmosphere and aura, you need to select decorations for your wedding that has that rustic or country vibe of a country vineyard. Opt for natural-hued tablecloths, vintage metals, burlap accents, and warm-tone flowers. 

Also, natural wood tones, green, soft blue, and cream are perfect to associate in your furniture or centerpieces. Distressed wood tables, wine barrels, and vintage lanterns are must-have accent pieces that will undoubtedly bring you that wine country vibe. 

Furthermore, nothing howls “winery wedding” like some simple, elegant, and understated twine-wrapped candles and painted mason jars. Moving on, the best thing about having a winery wedding is that the tone or color of the setting is easy to compliment and are natural.

For this reason, you have the creative freedom for choosing or selecting floral arrangements that are true to your style or that are right for you. Cream-colored roses, pink-colored roses, lavenders, and sunflowers are the most obvious winery favorites. However, you can feel free to choose what kind of flower you would like to incorporate in your wedding. 

Time of The Year

When it comes to scheduling your wedding, there is no problem choosing what time of year you can hold it. Why? Well, it is because wineries are beautiful and appealing throughout every season. However, remember that the passing of each season will change the foliage and vine leaves. 

If you would want your wedding pictures to have scenery of lush, vibrant green vines, then you will want to book the vineyard before the harvest in August. If you book late, perhaps around October, you will get to enjoy a backdrop or scenery of gorgeous autumn orange. All in all, if you have a setting in mind, do contact or reach out to the venue staff to help you look for the perfect wedding date. 


Transportation is both a drawback and an appeal to vineyards. Why? It is because wineries are, for the most part, isolated from towns or cities. The drawback it brings for a winery wedding is the requirement for transporting all of the visitors to and from the winery. 

Therefore, searching into hotels and accommodations in the area, and getting a shuttle for guests and visitors is an excellent idea. Also, having taxis available for your guests is a smart and brilliant move as well. 

Be sure to write the invitations for your guests to dress in “winery formal” clothes, so that they know what to shoes to wear for dirt paths and pebbles. If your winery wedding is held at evening hours, it is essential and critical to install outdoor lighting.


Giving out wedding tokens that match the winery theme is an excellent idea. Hand out personalized cork stoppers or wine bottles as tokens to your guests. Also, it can be an excellent chance for you to inquire for discounts on wine from the vineyard. 


Vineyards are a beautiful venue to hold a wedding and can be the best place for the right person. It will not only surprise and shock your guests about the beauty of the scenery, but it will make for striking wedding pictures as well. With such a beautiful wedding venue, you can add your own touch with decorations and flowers, making the dream wedding of your dreams into reality. 

by Erin Rosten