Pinotage is a red wine grape that is one of the varieties in South Africa. The name pinotage may also refer to wines made from pinot noir grapes.  It is a blend of pinot noir and cinsaut.   It was bred in South Africa in the year 1925. The grapes are currently grown around the world mostly in the cooler areas. The grape produces variety of deep red wines and it is considered as the grape that produces the finest wine in the world.



Origin of pinotage wine grape

Pinotage grape was first grown in South Africa in 1925 by Abraham Izak Perold who was the first professor of viticulture from the University of Stellenbosch. Perold combine the best qualities of robust hermitage and pinot noir, pinot noir is a grape that makes wine but can be difficult to grow. Perold planted the bred seeds in his experimental farm, unfortunately he forgot about them. Later in the year 1927 he went to work with KWV cooperative. His garden became over grown and the university ordered for its cleansing. Luckily, a young lecturer by the name Charlie Niehaus happened to pass near the garden and he asked the cleaners not to cut down the plants. The plants were later taken to Elsenburg agricultural college by perold's successor CJ Theron. Theron transplanted the plants into the newly established rootstock in welgevallen.  Perold used to come to visit his former colleagues.  Theron his successor showed him the newly transplanted vines, they selected the vine that was doing well for propagation and was named pinotage.  The first wine from pinotage was made in 1941, also in the same year, pinotage vines were planted in the kanonkop estate. Pinotage was first recognized in 1959 when Bellevue wine was crowned the best wine in the cape wine show. Bellevue wine was the first wine to mention pinotage in its label in 1961; it was made by the Stellenbosch farmers and Winery Company.



Facts about pinotage wine


  • Has a fan club dedicated to telling how awesome the wine is

As a result of the initial unpopularity and myths around the wine, pinotage association and the pinotage club are doing much to change the bad view of the pinotage wine, they are doing it buy educating wine producers on how to cultivate the best grapes and also educating the users on how to best enjoy the wine.


  • It has a day to celebrate about it

Pinotage is celebrated every year on the 11th day of October.


  • It is the best wine event in the world

It was crowned the best wine event in the world in 2014 by drinks international wine tourism awards. Pinotage on tap wine festival is working towards proving how sweet the pinotage wine is when taken in the right atmosphere and venue.


  • White pinotage and pinotage bubbly exist

Pinotage grapes have inspired winemakers to come up with wine pin-off style.


  • It has gone global

More countries have started growing the pinotage grape, and also more restaurants have added pinotage wine in their stock list.