Wine lovers had the first privilege of tasting Pillitteri Estates Wine in the year 1993 and from then onwards, there has been no looking back. The winery is considered to serve one of the finest collections of wines proclaimed worldwide and has become an industry leader. Located next to the world renowned Niagara Falls, this family run winery is a must visit place among tourists. The winery moves on the philosophy of treating each wine and the vineyard’s, as individuals which differ from each other and have different characteristics. With years of commitment, they have created a heritage for its future generations, who are following and maintaining the legacy with equal fervor.




The Grand Winery

The Pillitteri Estate is artistically supreme with its designs reflecting the Neo Norman. The cellar was constructed with large tons of concrete, which still stands as a talking point and its monolithic concrete table is considered as one of the longest concrete table till today. Since, the estate is a family run business; the twenty three chairs on the walls of the cellar depict each milestone attained by the estate. The Barrel Cellar or primarily the wine cellar is being maintained based on industry standards with temperature ranging at around 12 degrees with more than 50% humidity and complete protection from light. The aging of wine in barrels has been taking place for a long time, and the estate also uses the French and American oaks for their barrels. In a wine estate, the credit for making good wine goes to the talented wine maker, who learns this art with his exemplary dedication and years of experience. In the Pillitteri Estate, the credit is now standing on the shoulder of Aleksandar Kolundzic, who with the help of his education and knowledge is helping the estate to produce quality wines. The criteria that the team is using to produce quality wine stands on three pillars which includes the growth of the grapes in the yard, the process of pressing and fermenting the grapes in the press house and the process of ageing and blending in oaks cellar. The awards and recognition received by Aleksandar speaks billions about his talent and the popularity that Pillitteri Estate Winery is receiving.


The Wine Series

The family has five vineyards to its credit and has been growing a variety of grapes popular in that region; based on the outputs, they have classified their collections. Some of the series includes the Vintage Collection, among them few get honored as Reserved wines which are only produced in the best of vintage years. Recently, the vineyard introduced their lucky number series “Twenty Three”, which has the capability to grace any occasion. These wines are fresh and available in the price range of $10 to $13. The home estate vineyard contributes to the Carretto Series of wine which is exclusively produced with consistent quality and fragrance. The Exclamation Cellar Series is an exclusive wine which gets produced only during the best of vintage years and the winemaker gives a personal touch to the series. The Riserva Famiglia or the Family Reserve is the pride of the owners as it depicts their family love for wines. The Carretto Icewine Series has a sweet touch to it and is the chief of Plitterati products. The winery is also considered to be the largest producer of Icewine in the world.